Sunday, September 16, 2007

Reduce Plastic Waste.

though my posts are anything but regular anymore, I still keep up with the events and inner workings of the ocean.
I recently read a book called "Washed Up", which talks about all the craziness that ends up on the shores from sneakers
to sea glass. It also talks about the horrible effect that plastic waste has on the ocean.
As someone who tries to be a planet saver, I've tried my best to refuse plastic bags.
In a hunt for bags to silkscreen on I stumbled upon a company called
"Chicobags", my friend Sharon and I ordered one each just to test them out.
And i'm addicted. they squish up into a pouch that you can just toss into your bag!
they go anywhere, are ridiculously durable, and are washable.
It's easier then toting a canvas bag around with you "just in case",
best of all, they are 5$.
Everyone i know is getting one for Christmas.
Check out the links section for the official site.