Saturday, December 30, 2006

entry: 9002

weather: clear and cold.

it's about 3.30am eastern standard time
and i have come to a conclusion.
nomatter where i live
i will never find a late night snack
as fulfilling as a wawa snack.

i got a mini hoagie, chips and snapple for 6$
to a new yorker that is a bargain!
a very delicious bargain...
and i feel great now
thank you wawa, for another good snack.

this won't be a long post
because i need sleep
i'm sailing back to queens tomorrow
to see my wonderful co-captain
who saved me from peril today.
if it were medival times
he'd be my knight in shining armor.
but it's not.
so he is my urban naturalist in long johns.

Happy New Year Sailors!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

entry: 7777

weather: sunny and sunny

Christmas has passed
and i am more than pleased
with my presents.
i've also been enjoying the company
of family and friends
and drinking lots of champagne.

the only downside
is that i miss my co-captain like crazy!
i cannot wait to see him this weekend.

in other news, my cousin informed me
that a giant squid had been captured alive
though it was killed in the struggle,
which i think was unecessary.
and she was only twenty something feet long.
a baby.
they should have just taken a video and let her go
because maybe giant squid need to remain
one of the great mysteries of the sea.
here is a picture of the poor giant lady.

I'm all for the study of giant squid
but I am more for preserving their species.
innocent lives need not be lost
in the quest for knowledge.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

entry: 4220

weather: cold. just cold.

I'm a day away from setting sail for South Jersey!
It will be nice to relax for an entire week
but I always miss New York when I am gone.
all New Yorkers are spoiled.

I'm also taking this time to get ideas together for my show.
February 26th is not that far away.
Squids need to be sewn and collages need to be made.
I have some ideas i plan to work on
so we shall see how it all pans out.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this week
is the 5 month anniversary of my co-captain and i!
hooray for us!

Since this post is more a Captains update
than animal facts
i'll end with some pictures of my work from this semester.
karen has the better photos. but these will do for now.

Merry Christmas Sailors!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

entry: 0156

weather: looks cold outside.

the semester is FINALLY over
the boost in positivity on the SS Chambs is phenomenal
and its the christmas season
added bonus.

The only hard thing about the holidays is finding the right gift
for those near and dear.
since this site is dedicated to our furry and not so furry friends
on land and sea
i've compliled a few ideas of perfect gifts to get the animal lover in your life.


1.) Adopt a Manatee

These lovable sea cows are available for adoption on for a mere fee of 25$
you even get to choose your own manatee from the location of choice.

Also, if adopting fun creatures is your thing, check out
the selection is exotic and the price ranges from $25-100

2.) PETA gear

The PETA site has loads of shirt for everyones favorite activist.
I particularly liked this one because i know that fish have feelings too.
It gets the point across without being too harsh.
added bonus? the shirt is 16$
thats cheaper than a shirt from urban outfitters!!

3.) Save a life!

Adopt furry friends like these

from a no kill shelter such as BARC ( in brooklyn
There is nothing better than giving an animal a home
especially when they have been a little down on their luck

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

entry: 0017

weather: chilly..but not that chilly.

This week is truly the week for celebration.
The winter semester is FINALLY coming to a close!
only the autobiography to hand in on thursday
and then I will be the happiest Captain on the sea.
And, as if that isn't great enough, I am attending my Christmas present tomorrow!
My co-captain's gift to me was tickets to the Wainwright Family Christmas!
Everyone knows that Rufus makes me swoon.
My co-captain is truly the best.

Besides the latest on the SS Chambs
there has been an exciting edition to the creatures of the deep!!
They call it the Yeti Crab.
and it looks like this.

This guy is a blind deep sea dweller found in the South Pacific.
cleary what makes him special are his snazzy arms.
which besides looking fashionable, trap bacteria for food.
there is nothing more that my crew and I love than funtional beauty.

SInce his is still a new discovery
not much is known about their likes and dislikes
But I bet he is a sucker for cookies.
the claws are perfect for grabbing.

The crew here on the SS Chambs
wishes to extend a friendly hello and how d'ya do
to the trendsetting Yeti Crab.
With hopes that we will meet soon.

Monday, December 04, 2006

entry: 1118

weather: sunny and cold.

funny how time flies.
i find myself at the end of the fall semester.
frantically trying to finish all the things that are due this week and next
what a mess.
this won't be a long post, as i have many tentacles to sew.

but i will say that by the end of the week.
i will have 2 mini books about Jenkins.
one depicting his public life
and one on his home life.
i'll post some pages from them.
have a good week sailors!