Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birthday Wishlist Obsessions

Today is my Champagne Birthday!
I'm 27 on the 27th
(how time flies...)

Here is a list of things that I want
to have or do as a lady of 27.

Puff Pastry.
Yes, I've talked about this before.
It's still stewing, I've been reading recipes
and watching videos and soon, I hope to
be able to make it myself.

I really do miss it. That city is easy to
fall in love with. I often find myself daydreaming
about walking along the battery, eating a sammy
from Groucho's, and staying at the Mills House.

Ice Cream Maker.
Just another thing on the ever-growing list of
things that I want to master.

French 3 and 4
I'll be re-taking french 3 because the summer
course just seemed too short. I really want to take
the time and really understand what I'm learning.

I want to be in Paris. Just the idea makes me
want to swoon. I want to sit by the Seine and
eat baguettes and drink wine, explore the maze
that is Montmartre, and gorge on rich pate's/
terrines/marrows/cheeses. ah Paris...

The forgotten shows.
When the bf and I moved in together we decided
to nix the premium channels because they were just
too expensive. Alas, I lost track of Dexter and the Tudors.
This year I want to catch up, I'm putting it on the list
because it's a must.

New Mexico.
I have a dear dear friend that moved there recently.
My first NYC friend. I miss her terribly.
I want to get out there and have western adventures.

Vintage Dresses.
Etsy is an amazing resource for vintage shopping.
I've been obsessing over these 50's style cocktail dresses
and I will get one this year.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lucky Leo

Yesterday was my pre-birthday celebration,
and it was wonderful. A fun filled day with
many of my favorite people.

I lounged around at Spa Castle with the bf
and our friend Pete. Then we took Pete to
Flushing Mall to show him the magic that
is the food court. We picked up a red bean
cake, some Vietnamese Shaved Ice, and my
favorite little corn shaped cakes.

For dinner a group of dear friends met us at
Sripraphai for a huge mega Thai feast!
My favorites were the Crispy Watercress salad,
the fried fish topped with green mango, chinese
broccoli with crispy pork, and my usual fav
pan fried noodles with chicken, shrimp and
bamboo shoots. I wish I had taken pictures-
it was such a good meal with great company.

Dessert and Prosecco were served @ chez nous,
and when the night was over I went to bed with
the biggest smile on my face. Feeling so fortunate
to be surrounded by such wonderful people.
It was easily one of the best birthday celebrations I've had.

Now it's just one more day til my actual birthday.
I can't wait to see what the bf has planned.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Latest Obsessions

Puff Pastry.
I'm thinking that I'm going to give this a try
on Monday. Not sure how it will go-
but I am determined to get it right.

Conserving Energy
With this ridiculous heat wave it's been
necessary for the AC to be on. Our last Con Ed
bill had doubled and I'm dreading this months.
I've been trying to keep all other appliances
and lights off while it's on.

Patricia Field Store.
It's way over the top and they have a
variety of sequined hotpants.
What's not to love?

Haagen Dazs Limited Edition flavors.
So far we've had Peanut Butter Brittle,
and we currently are eating Bananas Foster.
Find them and buy them.

Food Porn (and recipe ideas)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sick Day

I've found myself a little under the weather
these past few days. Today was the much needed
day of rest.

I hate being sick, but I kinda love being able to
take a day and just relax. It's given me a chance to
draw up a shark and cut out some bits for collages.
Now I'm snuggled up on the couch, watching
Masterpiece Mystery (which I really need to get
on dvd) I'm normally a strict Miss Marple fan, but
this Poirot is quite good as well.

This downtime has also given me a chance
to catch up on my reading. Which right now is
My Life in France by Julia Child and let me say
that it is one of the best books that I have read.
(and I'm not even halfway through yet!)
For anyone that loves France, food, and/or
cooking this is definitely worth picking up.

Her enthusiasm for cooking is contagious
and has me thinking about puff pastry and
beef bourguignon. I might have to pull
a Julie and Julia and work my way through
one of her cookbooks. I'll put that one
on the back burner for now. Maybe that will
be my winter project...

In other news my Champagne Birthday
is just a week away! Lets hope I am 100% by then

Saturday, July 10, 2010

And the Winner Might Be......

Paul the octopus is my new favorite cephalopod.
I have 3 opinions on his genius abilities.

1.)He is a picky eater


2.)He has been following soccer since the last World Cup
and has noted how each team has been playing. Putting one
against the other and choosing the most likely to win.
Clearly this man has a chart somewhere.


3.) It's a conspiracy, probably going back to the Giant Squid.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Latest Obsessions

*Brewing my own kombucha
(I recently had success with my first batch,
and am extremely proud of this achievement)

*NYC Icy
(the peach flavor changed my life)

*Washed Out-Feel it All Around

(Used to hate it and now I can't
get enough of it)

*Watching the World Cup

*This corset

*Visiting Charleston
(I want the bf to see how
awesome it is)

*Summer Pies
(Though my crust making abilities need
some serious work.)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Summer of Sammies #3

This past 4th of July was ridiculously hot,
possibly too hot. But the bf and I braved the heat
and headed into the city for our friends rooftop party.
Because we wanted to avoid being on a rooftop while
the sun was still at it's worst we decided to take our
good old time getting there.

We found ourselves at This Little Piggy had Roast Beef.
A tiny sammy shop on 1st Ave and 9th St that specialized in
a-m-a-z-i-n-g roast beef sandwiches. As recommended
by NY Mag we ordered the "That Way" (about $8) ,
which is a delicious roll, topped with freshly sliced roast beef,
gravy, and fresh mozzarella.
We even got a few complimentary french fries!

This sammy is a monster. I couldn't make it through
the last few bites of my half-and I was pretty much full
for the rest of the night after consuming this at
4pm. This will definitely be a place that I return to
again and again.

The rest of our 4th was nice, we found a bar that
has a cider on tap. (It was perfectly refreshing on
a 90+ degree day) We then meandered over
to the boys rooftop, where we were met with a crowd
of at least 100, which eventually grew to about 200.
We had a few drinks and watched the fireworks, then
just as the rave began-yes some people did have glowsticks-
we made our way back to Queens for one last drink at our
favorite local bar.

It was an excellent 4th spent with friends and without pants.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

It's Like Buttah.

Inspired by a recipe in Milk: The Surprising Story
of Milk Through the Ages by: Anne Mendelson
I decided to finally make my own butter this morning,
and it was ridiculously easy!

A few minutes in the food processor turns
plain old heavy cream( unhomogenized)
into 2 magical things. Butter and buttermilk.

After some mashing and draining..
Voila! Delicious homemade butter.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Summer of Sammies #1 and 2

Last Sunday the bf and I began our journey
through the 101 Best Sandwiches of NYC.

Our first sammy was at Katz's Deli on the LES.
For $14.95 you get a delicious pile of Pastrami
with mustard on rye. This was the most buttery, rich,
and satisfying deli sammy that I have ever had.

If you have the $15 bucks to spare, this is
definitely worth trying but, if you are strapped for
cash then check out their hot dogs and soups
Much more affordable, and who doesn't love
matzoh ball soup!?

We then meandered down Orchard St
towards our next place. Cheeky Sandwiches.
If you didn't look out the window, you would
think that you were in New Orleans.
We got the Oyster Po' Boy and a Root Beer
that was only found at Cheeky's and NOLA.
*I should also note that I'm not really any oyster fan,
I've even had fried oysters that I've hated.
But this was perfection. So many flavors coming
together to make one delicious sandwich.

After that I truly was stuffed, though I did managed to
make some extra room for a Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
cone. As we made our way into Chinatown, we continued
our search for the elusive Dragonfruit.
This time we found it!!! After months of searching
it was finally ours.
It was quite good, very kiwi-esque.

Another wonderful Sunday.