Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun Stuff

You can now find Littlebunny cards at Stray in Sunnyside!
It's so exciting to have my creations in a store!

I also received a large version of this photo
courtesy of my dear friend Carly Valentine.
It was a fun filled day in Atlantic City-
we didn't win any $ but I got to frolic
on the beach in a leotard

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Good Week

This week has been filled with good things.

*Lunch with Christina @ 5 Leaves
(allow us to recommend the Housemade Ricotta
and the Pimm's Cup.)

*2 New Dresses. Yes, I am fully aware that my fashion
choices cover all sides of the spectrum.

*My friend Molly gave me a new scoby, so this morning
I tried to brew Kombucha for a second time. Looks
good so far, I'll keep everyone updated.

*My second batch of strawberries is growing!
The first consisted of only 1 berry, so to have 4
is super exciting.

*One of my cupcake cards has already sold @ Stray!

*Had an impromptu night in with the bf, we made a delicious
dinner, had a bottle of Lessona Nebbiolo, and finished watching
Seven Samurai

Just have to get through one more shift and tomorrow
will hopefully be a beach day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Latest Obsessions

*The food at Village Whiskey in Philadelphia
(This past week, a friend and I went and it was
AMAZING. The picked truffle lemon artichokes

*This ice cream sammy recipe.

*"Tighten Up"-The Black Keys
(The singing t-rex makes it even better)

*Milk:The Surprising Story of Milk Through the Ages
by:Anne Mendelson (so pumped to make my own butter and yogurt!)

*This print by Banquet

*Planning my champagne birthday!! July 27th is closer than you think!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

j'aime l'ete.

I have my usual list of things that I would like to do,
see, eat, and drink this summer. here it is (in no
particular order)

*I need a trip to the zoo. any zoo.

*Sunday's in Long Beach (this includes a 5 guys burger
and 1 ice cream cone)

*Spa Castle trips followed by Flushing Mall binges.

*Spend a few nights @ the Mills House in Charleston.

*Visit Chelsie and Peter in Chicago, and eat these.

*Drive down to Baltimore for the Aquarium and see this.

*Have dinner at Blue Hill Farms in Tarrytown

*Explore the West side of NYC-just because I never do.

*Work through the 101 best sammies list with ZachMack

*Take Serg to Central Park

*Go crabbing/fishing

*Have picnics. fancy picnics.

*Go out to a Mets game and to the US Open

*Drink large amounts of Pratello Marzemino, Gerbino Rose, Corvina,
and U Tabarka Vermentino.

*Hopefully get down to Myrtle Beach with the fam.

*and maybe...just maybe..a girls weekend in Vegas.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm Calling it Summer.

It's been in the 80's the last few days,
so I'm considering it summer.

The bf and I spent the day at the beach on Sunday
and it was glorious. We got our usual 5 guys burgers,
laid out, walked around, and I got my necessary ice cream cone.
(this time sans sprinkles after the mutli-colored disaster
that happened last time) It was a great day,
and a perfect way to kick off summer.

Today in food nerd news,
I went to the greenmarket today and came home
with these things.

*Chive plant
*summer squash and zucchini
*1/4 of a tuscan bread (that I am totally obsessed with)
* a head of romaine and a bunch of arugula
*tri-star strawberries (seriously the best strawberries ever)

Such a good day at the market, I'm now awaiting the
comeback of peaches and berries
Once I can get my hand on some peaches, I am going
to make a Peach & Creme Fraiche pie.

Oh! and this Sunday, June 6th I will be selling my cards
down at the Fulton Stall Market @ the South St Seaport!
Apparently they have pretty good food vendors lined up for this too,
so come out and say hello!