Friday, March 30, 2007

entry: 2034

weather: cool and springy

oh sailors what a week it has been.
i have been such a sick captain.
below deck in queens since wednesday morning.
thank goodness for the co-captain
taking care of me for 3 days
he deserves a trophy.

Lots going on this week
springfest is next friday
sailing to jersey for easter
and the eternal hunt for an apartment continues.

Because I am still fairly loopy
this will be a quick post
but i will say this before my head hits my pillow.
check out the otter video on
totally worth it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

entry: 2778

weather: very sunny. somewhat warm.

Happy Spring Sailors!

We on the S.S. Chambs could not have been happier to welcome in the first day of spring.
Despite the snow on the ground....
Spring break has ended, my trip to rome is over
now all that is left is graduation
and the horrid task of finding a new home.
I look forward to this summer
with hopes it will be as good as-
if not better than the last!

In the world of squid I have discovered very good news.
National Geographic helped participate in a study to
monitor the eating habits of sperm whales.
and the habits of their food: squids.
forget about their eating habits-
they came to the conclusion that the california ocean area
is just stuffed with squid!
good to know.
i'll never go diving in california.
here we can see them putting a tracking device
on a poor unsuspecting squid.

the quest for knowledge bothers me sometimes...
we wouldnt want to be tagged and prodded.
lets not do it to our animal friends.

Enjoy the rest of the week and the new season sailors!

Monday, March 05, 2007

entry: 1633

weather: very very weird. cold as well..

hello sailors.
and so we find ourselves mid-semester
(well at least i do)
which means a number of things
* i leave for italy in 4 days
*my show is officially over
* i have 2 months left of college.

its so exciting i can barely take it all in!

here are some photos of my show
as seen through the eyes of
miss carly valentine

some of the items will be up for sale
as i am reserving a table at Pratt's Spring Fest
april 6th.
so expect little stuffed animals
tshirts, and the popular jenkins magazine pages
all at reasonable prices.

have a fantastic spring break sailors!
and if you arent going on spring break
then start to plan that trip for the summer!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

entry: 9442

weather: gloriously sunny and not frigid

the SS Chambs is kicking march off with a bang.
tonight is the senior show extravaganza
which promises cupcakes, dancing, and lots of cocktails.

The antarctic also gives us reasons to be happy.
an ice shift has opened up a whole bunch of new species!
among them is an octopus they are calling pareledone turqueti.

national geographic doesnt provide much info about her
but i'm sure she is fantastic.

speaking of cephalopods......
there has apparently been this
"colossal squid" that has been photographed

i have to say-
i've become so attached to the giant squid
that i dont know that i am prepared for something larger...
from the wording of this article it says the colossal is HEAVIER
than giant. and from the looks of it, it has a larger mantle.
i'm going to need more information on this creature.
my co-captain maintains that i just need to let this go
but the wording of the article just bothers me.
i should become a squid whisperer
and find out the truth for myself....

while i work on that be sure to enjoy the sunshine sailors!