Thursday, January 31, 2008

and they'll feast. feast. feast.

Wednesday was the bf's birthday.
So to celebrate, we had lunch at the
Momofuku Ssam Bar ,
saw "there will be blood",
had snackies and cocktails at
DavidBurke and Donatella ,
and had dinner with friends
at Mas.

It was an insane day of delicious cuisine.
But my favorite thing i ate was
the pork bun at ssam bar

This delight is both sweet and salty.
I could have eaten at least 10 of them.

All the other food was delicious,
but its these little pork buns that stay with me.
Ssam bar is worth checking out if you live in the ny area.
you can find it on the corner of 13th and 2nd.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

free write. where i can write free.

If your mind is "aglow with whirling,
transient nodes of thought
careening through a
cosmic vapor of invention."

Then maybe a free write session
is something you need.
I like to do this sometimes
to clear my head, get inspiration,
de-stress, or just figure things out.

Basically you just write.
it can be anything.
free yourself from the shackles
of grammar.
and just go.

Today this is my free write.

*i hate how my apartment is always cold.i am going to need to find a dress today for the bf's bday tomorrow. and paint his card. i wish i had a giant rabbit. i'm fairly pet lonely. this week is hectic. i feel like i have no down time to get things done. i got paid yesterday-finally some money. i hate that my style was stifled at work. i love champagne. i havent read my tarot cards in awhile, maybe its time to. i like when pandas hold their feet and roll around. all of my stretch pants have holes in the crotch-i'll need to fix them one of these days. i want to travel a lot this year. too bad traveling costs money.i miss mees.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Me New Obsession.

I was wandering around Barnes and Noble
looking for things to use my gift cert on.
i picked up a craft magazine for insipration
and then wandered over to the weird and unusual table.
It was there that i found my new favorite book.

"In Me Own Words: The autobiography of Bigfoot"
by Graham Roumieu

This magical book is a glimpse
into the life of the illusive Bigfoot.
Although he claims to have
once lived in a condo,
and played in a band called the tinkles.
so maybe he isn't as illusive as we think.

He discusses various topics,
opinions, and feelings.
All with a sweet sense of humor
and the potential for bloodshed.

There is also a 2 page spread
about his cat Craig.
titled "You Shitty Cat"
it's pure gold and a personal favorite.

Every time i read this book
i laugh out loud.
You need to own this book.

Monday, January 21, 2008


On my Etsy site it says
25% of profits will be donated to the
BARC shelter in brooklyn.

But since I only made 40$ in sales
I figured I'd bypass the 25% and just give it all.
I donated through a link on their site,
called the Network for Good.
Where you can safely send your donation
to your favorite organizations.

It felt quite nice to know that I'd be
helping the shelter animals.
hopefully once my work schedule evens out-
and the weather.
I'll be able to volunteer dog walk a bit more.

Oh! last night I was watching a special on dogs
and they showed the pekingese breed,

i had no idea they looked like fuzzy pugs!
it made me so happy.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dollar Books

I love old books.
And I recently found a place
that will feed my new addiction.

The Housing Works Used Book Cafe
is my new favorite spot.
Located in Soho on Crosby St,
it houses an amazing collection of
rare and unusual books, as well as
carts of dollar books.

I can sit for hours and just look through
all the dollar books.
As with many used book stores, there is a lot of junk.
But there are also some gems.

Some of my favorite finds have been:
*Stories for Late Night - Alfred Hitchcock
*Mary Poppins-P.L. Travers
*Origin of Species-Darwin
*Inside the F.B.I-Floherty

Going to Housing Works is like
going on a treasure hunt.
They add new books constantly,
so you never know what you will find.
Another plus is that 100% of purchases
goes towards the Housing Works Organization.

Everything not on the dollar carts is reasonably priced
and they also have a cafe with snackies and coffee.
Basically you cannot lose at this book shop.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I love learning new things about animals.
weird facts that will blow my mind,
are like little treasures.

at barnes and noble i found this book
called "Fish that fake orgasms:
and other zoological curiosities"
The book is now mine.
and it's magical.

here are some of my favorite facts:

*poison dart frogs raised in captivity are NOT
poisonous. This is because the frogs obtain
their poison in the wild by eating small beetles
which contain high levels of neurotoxin chemicals
called batrachotoxins.

*no spiders live in Antarctica

*The European common cukoo lays its eggs
in the nests of over 100 other species of
unsuspecting birds. However, each individual cuckoo
has a favorite species that she prefers to raise her eggs
and will preferentially lay her eggs in the nest of that
species throughout her life.

*Tigers and Lions do not purr, but Cheetahs and Pumas do.

*Chimpanzees can understand the different values of
Arabic numerals and then remember them for at least 3 years.

*Nine-banded armadillos in Texas and Louisiana can contract
human Leprosy, while armadillos in Florida are immune to the disease.

Those are just a couple favs, check out the book
if you have a chance, its by Matt Walker.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Say it with a card

If you know me personally,
you will know that sending cards
(as well as creating them)
makes me extremely happy.

So I am pleased to announce
that my first batch of Valentine cards
is up on etsy.

All cards are 2$ each,
one of a kind,
and have been handmade by me!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Maybe Baby

The New York Aquarium has
finally let the public see their latest addition.
A 300 lb walrus pup named Akituusaq!
Born June 12, 2007 to mother Kulusiq,
Akitu has been steadily growing bigger
and more curious.
I think a trip to coney island is in order.
because the only thing that is cuter than
sea creatures, are baby sea creatures.
You can see Akitu's progress and
official baby book here

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


When I was younger I was very interested
in witnessing a tsunami.
A giant wave would have been the coolest thing ever!
I don't think the younger me considered
what happened when that giant wave
made it to shore.

In my older years I've learned that
tsunami's are still amazing,
But possess the power to be
totally devastating.
As most natural disasters can be...

The word tsunami comes from the
japanese words tsu (harbor)
and nami (wave)
and since many tsunami's occur in the Pacific.
It's no wonder that the Japanese got to name it.
On the list of the most devastating tsunami's
Japan makes an appearance 11 times.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Wikipedia defines a tsunami as:
"a series of waves created when a body of water,
such as an ocean, is rapidly displaced. Earthquakes,
mass movements above or below water, volcanic eruptions
and other underwater explosions, landslides,
underwater earthquakes, large meteoroid or asteroid impacts
and testing with nuclear weapons at sea all have the potential
to generate a tsunami. The effects of a tsunami can range
from unnoticeable to devastating."

Unfortunately the most devastating
was the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004.
Claiming about 230,100 lives.
That particular tsunami was caused
by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean.

An important thing to remember when
visiting "tsunami country" (the pacific)
are the warning sign a tsunami is on its way.
On occasion you will feel an earthquake, but
typically the water will retreat back much further
than a normal low tide.
Unfortunately this was a draw to
the beachgoers on Sumatra.
Their curiosity prevented them
from heading to higher ground.
Thus, causing the most devastating tsunami in history.

Below are 2 tsunami videos.
(it was hard to find decent ones)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Dreams really do come true.

I don't know what draws me to manatees,
but I have loved them for ages.
My mom calls them "the pugs of the sea"
and I have to agree with that statement.
(but i don't think they snore)

This Christmas, the bf's parents
adopted a manatee for me.
His name is Margarito and he is about 23 years old.
He is a social manatee and his friends are Brutus, Lenny,
Howie, Flash, Floyd, Merlin, and Doc.
Unfortunately Margarito has been hit by boats
and has several scars. He is also missing his right flipper.
(I cry everytime I read his biography)
Margarito returns to the Blue Spring State Park every winter,
and I hope to visit him in the very near future.
I don't know if the park rangers would let me hug him
but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.