Friday, February 29, 2008

Regina George and friends.

We've known it has been becoming 
more of a problem.
But yesterday I read an article in L Magazine
(for non new yorkers the L is a free mini mag
thats pretty awesome)
by Amanda Park Taylor "the conscientious objector".
It is part one of the New Yorkers guide 
to a plastic free life.

I was thinking plastic free could 
be possible, until I realized how much
plastic was around me.
Shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, 
razors, containers, etc.
Plastic has become such a way of life
that you don't even realize it is
 there anymore.

The article also says that :
"The vast majority of plastics we use
from packaging to toothbrushes, is not
recycleable, and never will be"
That's an awful truth.

Amanda's solutions to eventually eliminate plastic
begins with part 1- the bathroom.
She provides bar shampoo alternatives,
using cider vinegar and warm water as a conditioner, 
and other earth friendly alternatives.

Once I run out of my current supply of shampoo
and conditioner, I am going to experiment 
with all of these suggestions.
And will definitely post the results.

Oh and speaking of earth friendly bath stuff
I just ordered some lotion and a bar of soap from
I cannot wait to try it! 

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Life in Boxes.

Moving day is almost here, 
and I cannot wait.
I'm not fond of moving
but you'd never know it,
because I move a lot.
or at least it feels like i do...

It's the packing up that bothers me the most.
I'm still living here-just with limited things.
My walls are empty, and my studio is filled
with boxes instead of projects.
It's an organized disaster.

This picture doesn't even do justice 
to the amount of crap i have 
that is boxed up.

Once this weekend is over I can start working
on some cards and what nots.
But for now, it's all about packing.
and working.
I'm pretty drained this week.
now that I actually sit and think about it.

I look forward to March.
It has to be better than February was.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

3 Wishes

Here are 3 things that I really really want right now.

#1 Gocco
Since I've been on etsy I've heard of this mysterious japanese mini printer.
ok well maybe its not so mysterious. but it was new to me.
After doing some extensive Gocco research, 
i have decided that I must have one of my own.
I watched an etsy labs tutorial on gocco
and they made it seem quite easy.

A Gocco generally runs anywhere from $130-160
depending on the seller.
The price is the only thing standing in my way.
But i'm saving me pennies and wishing on stars for this one.

#2 Cheap Plane Tickets to Charleston, SC
Some may not know this, but for a year, 
I went to the College of Charleston.
(Long Story)
In the end it didn't work out, 
but through that experience
i met some good friends and oddly enough,
one of my best friends.
(Another Long Story)

Anyhow, I ended up missing new york too much
so I traded in palm trees and sweet tea
for subways and small apartments.

Even though it didn't work out
I still have a special spot for Charleston,
and this year I'm hoping to have a girls weekend
with my 2 bestest girlfriends.
It's Meghan's 25th, which will lead to my 25th. wow.
so why not do it up??
So that is my second wish. Cheap airfare so that we can 
spend all of our money on a nice hotel and delicious food.

#3 A local Bagel Shop
This may sound totally silly.
And maybe it is.
But I never claimed I was going to wish
for world peace in this post..
I'm living in the Now.
and right now.
I want a bagel sandwich that I don't need to
take the B61 to get.

You'd think I'd be bombarded by bagelries.
but no. Apparently people in Greenpoint
hate bagel smamiches.
So here I am.
Wishing for a little shop
that can make me a Bacon egg and cheese on a bagel.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Time Out for Hunger

As the bf and I finished our meal
at our favorite Queens restaurant, Quaint.
Our server gave us a postcard for
Time Out for Hunger.

On March 2, if you dine at any of the
participating restaurants, they will donate
10% of your bill to the Food Bank for NYC.

Some of the participating restaurants:
'inoteca, Rice, Lure, Royale, Angelica Kitchen,
Quaint, and Momofuku Noodle Bar.

This is a win-win situation.
You get a stomach full of great food.
and you help out a good cause.

p.s if you dine at 'inoteca
get the truffle egg toast.
(pictured below)
it's magic.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Etsy Favs

Usually I stumble upon my new Favs
by way of the forums.
clicking on links, or profiles.
But today I thought I'd try something new.

I'm going to pounce my way to favorites.
Etsy has a "pounce" feature that allows you to
find random shops that are undiscovered or
have just had a sale.

So through Pouncing,
I have managed to find these new treasures.

First we have this owl ring
from dillondesigns.
These acrylic rings come with all types of designs.
They had a bunny one which I immediately wanted
but figured I'd post something different
since I am a frequent bunny poster.
And this owl is pretty cute too.
it's $7.50 which is a pretty sweet deal.

For this second shop,
I found it extremely hard to choose a fav.
I love everything in FromJapanWithLove.
and may be placing a nice sized order
quite soon.
If you love all things japanese like i do.
then this is where you need to look.
Also check out Sofia's blog
about living in Japan.
It's my new favorite.

Finally we have the "Toast and Eggs" apron
from Snappyshop.
As a true breakfast fan, naturally I am drawn to this.
But snappyshop has many varieties of aprons,
that are just as cute!
Forget wearing these in the kitchen.
I'd totally wear these out and about!!
ahh layering.

Best Weeked Ever

It's not very often that the bf and I
get to spend entire weekends together.
But by random chance, it's happened
this weekend.
it's been awesome.

Friday night consisted of Champagne and Scrabble.
Saturday was brunch, the Met, random errands, pizza
and Champagne and Lord of the Rings.
(Because i have never seen any of them)

We took these pictures during our game.
and i really like them.
therefore i am posting them.

It's nice to have a weekend of nothing
because next weekend
is the big move. to 4 blocks away.
maybe it's 5. either way. it's close.

Check back for post #2
The etsy favs of the week!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.

After a few weeks of despair,
things are finally beginning 
to become normal again.

I will be moving into a new apartment
on March 2nd!
and my rent will be 150$ less
than what i am currently paying.
Hopefully that will help.
I think it will.

This isn't a very exciting post 
but I just felt the need
to let everyone know that 
things are finally looking up.

oh! and to add to that,
i had a sale yesterday!
It was my dream customer!
she loves squids and cupcakes,
it was fate.

Since I dont have any post relevant photos
i'll just post one of my dog.
This is Mees. Looking like she just woke up.
and she probably did.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Favs

Ahh sunday.
My favorite day of the week.
I had intended to write this
earlier in the day.
and that just didn't happen.
So here i am.
Technically on early Monday
posting my favs.

This week I picked a few cards
that i loved.
Here we go!

First we have a set of cards from pigeonprints.
Like any traveler, I am fond of and familiar with maps.
They are a nice change from the cheesy postcard.
7$ for a set of 4.
Also check of the rest of the store for
pretty prints, photos, paintings, and etchings.

I absolutely adore this next card.
It makes me nostalgic for a time
in Paris, that I never experienced.
Hard to explain.
But Rochelle31 has some beautiful
paintings and prints in her store.
I'd rather spend 4$ on a card like this
than for a mass produced card.

Finally, we have the Pretty Bird
(Pterodactyl Notecards) from
AmberAlexander's store.
For a mere 8$ you get 5 blank
notecards with envelopes.
And a fabulous fossil watercolor
that any true dino lover will adore.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cock Pictures

But not the kind you are thinking..
I am a regular reader of
and lately their stories have not been so exciting.

Last night on the front page headlines
there was a link titled 
"Barnacles can change penis size and shape"
naturally I clicked it, because it is not everyday
you are given the opportunity to get information
about barnacle genitalia.

this is what NG had to say about it:
" To cope with changing tides and a sedentary lifestyle, 
the gnarly crustaceans have evolved penises that are 
eight times the length of their bodies—
the longest relative to body size of any animal."

to top that off they are hermaphrodites.
who knew that being a barnacle was so complicated!?
The nice folks at NG also provided a picture.

looks like a bean sprout and a feather 
coming out of a rock.
but no, it's a cock picture.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mini Humboldts

I've been working on some mini cards for my etsy
and im kind of excited about them.
I love sending letters, cards, and packages.
So I enjoy making-and buying- things
that can be sent.
That said, I think that this Sunday
I will post my favorite etsy cards and stationary.
 so check back!
For now i will leave you with these.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be Mine?

I've always liked Valentines Day.
While I don't think that you should
wait til this particular day 
to tell the object of your affection 
that you love them.
I think that sending cards, candy,
and small reminders that you care
are completely wonderful.

This year I have 3 Valentines.
My mom is always my #1 Valentine.
Ever since I was little 
she has always done something special.
I'd wake up in the morning to candy
or a small present.
This year, it is a facial at my favorite spa.

My #2 is my boyfriend.
We are both working tonight. 
so we won't really celebrate.
but i made him a card and got him 
some reeses hearts.

my #3 is my everyday Valentine.
Carly Valentine.

She sent me a care package yesterday
that had a book of photobooth photos, 
a cupcake notepad, and a card inside.
Carly sends the best gifts!

If you don't receive some candy today, 
then tomorrow get yourself to a drug store 
because it will all be on sale.
somewhere there is a discounted bag of
reeses hearts with my name on it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When it rains it pours

Today my G4 macbook died.
And it took my music and photos with it.
Adding $1490 to my already large debt 
was not something that I planned on doing
but these days, you just can't live without a computer.
Well I guess you can. But I'd rather not.

This falls on top of my hunt for a new apartment
and dwindling bank account.
I keep finding pennies that are heads up.
and each time I do, I grab it hoping for some luck.
I'm thinking that since I'm
 a few lucky pennies in-
something good has to be coming.

Besides the financial burden 
having a brand new mac is heaven.
Once I get all my settings back in
I'm sure it will be everything I wanted and more.

Despite the unexpected trip to the mac store
I did manage to get some painting done.
I finished 3 cards, and here are 2 of them.
Apologies for the poor quality 
but i just wanted to use my photobooth.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Etsy Favs

It's sunday again,
and time for my etsy favs of the week!
I haven't spent as much time in the
forums this past week.
Life has been hectic.
but hopefully all will soon be normal again.
But enough about me,
take a look at these

First up we have this amazing
crocheted necklace, from
Melissa Happy Stuff.
I bought something similar
for my bf's sister for christmas.
I love this because it is so different,
fun and detailed.

It was hard for me to choose a favorite from
Weird Bug Lady's shop.
But I decided on Fiona because i love cheetah print.
Weird Bug Lady makes some awesomely unusual stuffed friends.
prices for these friends range from $6-$150.

Finally we have this drawing from
The May of Teck Club.
"Owls" is a whimsical drawing of a
two headed owl carrying a two headed snake.
I love all the pieces in this shop because they are
such clean and precise drawings.
and they come with cute frames!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Etsy Deal

As we draw closer to Valentine's Day
I have decided to do free domestic shipping
for all valentine orders.
All cards and postcards are $2!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has them.
Movies, songs, restaurants
you love but will never
admit to.

Today is about being proud
of those things.
here are some of mine.

Practical Magic.

I only know a handful of people
who have even seen this.
But i love it.
and i'll watch it every time it is on.
If you love movies about witches
-which i genereally do-
(except for The Witches,
which scarred me in childhood.)

Anyhow, for a magical love story,
a crazy bulgarian zombie ghost,
and a picture perfect house and town.
see this movie.

Olive Garden Salad and Breadsticks

There are only a handful of chain restaurants
that i will eat at.
One of them being the Olive Garden.
Mainly because of the salad and breadsticks.
I dont know what they put it them
but i can eat a whole basket of those things
by myself. fact.
I live in Brooklyn, and while i'm here
i prefer not to support chains.
But if i am back in south jersey
(land of chain restaurants)
i'll totally be up for some olive garden apps.

Crowned (and other trashy tv)

Like most of America,
I am a sucker for really bad tv.
And it couldnt get much worse than Crowned.
Mother and daughter teams competing
in a beauty pageant.
I didn't watch every week,
but if i was home and it was on
i was hooked.

The house was split into the nice teams
and the crazy dramatic teams.
which is how reality tv usually pans out.
But if was fun to see just how crazy the dramatic teams were.
fun but sad, i suppose.
Who needs that much drama in their lives??
"not i" said the redhead.
thats why i prefer to watch it on tv.

So there are just a few of my guilty pleasures.
if you are so inclined and brave enough
feel free to comment with your own

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Deep

For Christmas, I received "The Deep"
by Claire Nouvian.
or should i say "the deep:
the extraordinary creatures of the abyss"

This book will blow your mind
each time you open it.
The facts, creatures, and colors
are incredible.
The abyss is my favorite part of the ocean.
Who knows what is down there!

Some of my favorites bits from this book are:

*Only 5% of the seafloor has been mapped with
any reasonable degree of detail.

*For the last 25 years a new deep-sea species
has been described every 2 weeks, on average.

*hydrothermal vents were discovered in 1977.

*about 60% of the world's 400 known shark species
live at the oceans greatest depths. Only a very small
number of these will migrate towards the surface at night.

*The average elevation on land is o.75km,
the average depth of the sea is around 3.2km.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Etsy Favs

I've been spending a lot of time
trying to promote myself on etsy lately.
and by posting in the forums,
you end up seeing a lot of
what the other stores are selling.

and let me just say.
that i've found some awesome stuff.
So this post is dedicated
to all the items that i want to buy.
but cannot because im broke.

Lets start with this bracelet.

The seller is Strawberry Anarchy.
and i love her stuff.
bright and funky.
just like this bracelet.
and its only 28$

Next we have this watercolor.
by Hillarie Tasche
and call me vain if you like
but i enjoy this because it looks like me.
maybe not so much in the face.
but definitely the hair

This painting is 25$
and at some point in the near future
i will most likely purchase it.
because im a leo.
and thats how i roll.
(hillarie also has some awesome watercolors of birds.
check those out)

These next two items will be
obvious picks.
I love bunnies.
so naturally I love these.

The first is a photo
by Elle Bee Photography
and it is $8.
I especially love her animals shots and the "fine feathers" one.

The next is a necklace from Looka Jewelry
There are a lot of great necklaces in this shop.
that particular one is $52
It's nice to see a shop like this.
Simple and Classy.

There are so many other things
on etsy that i love
so maybe i will make my
fav post a weekly thing.
i think that sounds good.