Saturday, April 28, 2007

entry: 5905

weather: sunny and spring-like

A youtube video has been brought to my attention
and I feel the need to share this with the masses.
for it brought a tear to my eye.

There are few things that I love more
than seeing animals do cute things.
and this wins the prize for the year.

I had a love for sea otters already,
but this prompted some extra research.
and i found this on,
about sea otter behavior.

Sea otters are social animals who may float together in
groups of less than 10 to more than 100, called rafts.
Usually these groups are separated by sex, females and pups
spend time in one group and males in another.
Otters usually swim on their backs but have been known
to swim on their stomachs while traveling.
Sea otters will only eat while they are floating,
but may also groom, rest, and nurse their young.
It is also common for sea otters to wrap themselves
in kelp beds when resting or sleeping.

This website provides all the necessary information
to properly get to know these guys.
You can also become a member of the
Alaska Sea Otter and Stellar Sea Lion Commission!
This gets you involved with the conservation of these fantastic creatures-
this group also promotes/supports local alaskan tribes.
a full years membership is 30$
go to
for additonal info and become a friend to the otters and sea lions!

have a good weekend sailors!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

entry: 7777

weather: tut tut...looks like rain.

Warm weather inspires me to brainstorm.
My thoughts led me to applying to volunteer at the aquarium.
I plan to have the application in the mail by friday,
and hope and pray that they will give me a chance.

I also got to thinking about this blog.
I know what interests me
but i don't know what interests my readers
...all 4 of them...
so this is more to get to know you.
yes you.
i have to say that i don't even know who reads this.
but i want to know.
so if i do know you personally
tell me what you'd like to see on captains log.
and if i don't know you personally
tell me about your interests in the sea and anything else you'd like!

I like being involved in things with a purpose
and the beauty of a blog such as this,
is that it allows me to explore my curiosities...
(namely the sea)
and also invited others to share in them and contribute as well.

Much like the fisherman in the Deadliest Catch-
i have thrown out my crab-pod of ideas into the abyss.
now i'll leave, with plans to later return, and see what i have to work with.

Monday, April 23, 2007

entry: 8199

weather: hot enough for short shorts.

It's finally warm out!
and that makes a happy captain and crew.

The topic of todays post is about my new obsession:
Planet Earth.
the discovery channel series.

I have not even been able to watch them all yet,
but what i have seen is ridiculously amazing.
The series took over 5 years to create
and is well worth it, showcasing
rare animals and behaviors.

Another great thing about how it is taped
is that is shows the growth process.
My favorite being the mushrooms in the rainforest.
The co-captain and i decided that we are going to buy the dvd set.
it's $79.95- which isn't all that bad for getting a view of
creatures and places that you will never see.
It is available for purchase at

normally i would post images to showcase the glory
that is Planet Earth.
But their pictures are not available for "borrowing"
so i'll leave you all with a picture of my dog
in one of my old bathing suit tops.
we like to dress her up sometimes.....
ladies and gents-big mees.

Friday, April 20, 2007

entry: 0243

weather: glorious and sunny

There is something about New York in the springtime
that makes this little capitain swoon.
The trees and flowers in Central Park begin to bloom
outdoor cafes open up, and I am finally
able to wear shorts without tights underneath!
It's a glorious time to be a New Yorker.

On a sadder note, the minke whale
that had been spotted in brooklyn
has died. Some genius decided to
name him "Sludgie", but we on the SS Chambs
prefer to call him Francis.
Scientists speculate that he was only a baby
that had been separated from his mommy
and did not have the capabilities to survive on his own.
They also believe that he was sick because he appaeared
to be disoriented. Our hearts go out to the wayward whale.
Francis loved lollipops, CCR, and bellyrubs. he will be missed.

Despite the tragedy
I encourage all to get out
and enjoy this much needed sun!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

entry: 4129

weather: complicated.

Lately squid have been on my mind...
ok...squid are always on my mind.
But this time i'm thinking of a particular cephalopd
The humboldt squid.
All the things people assume the giant squid to be,
the humboldt actually is.
Though not as large as the giant squid
humboldt's are refered to as "jumbo squid"
and also more commonly known as calamari.
-for all you squid eaters out there-

Though it is described on IMDB as a "gigantic opctopus"
we all know its a gigantic squid.
It is the creature that is featured in Peter Benchley's book
"The Beast", which is kind of hokey,
but who doesn't like movies about man eating squid?
Judging by the descriptions of the creature-
I'm thinking it is a combo of Giant squid and Humboldts.
Obviously, there are some fabrications to the film.

Humboldt's are not actually that large,
the maximum recorded length is 6ft.
Which is about the size of my younger brother.
They travel in schools of up to 1200,
and are able to change colors.

But they did get some things right.
Humboldt's are known to be very aggressive,
divers and fisherman have reportedly been attacked.
most likely because humans were invading their territory.
An attack from these guys however, is not a pleasant one.
Their tentacles are equipped with sharp hooks, and their suckers
also have teeth-like extensions, not to mention their beak!

Though they are seen more often then our friend Giant Squid,
many details about them still remain a mystery.
But i will say that we on the SS Chambs consider
the Humboldt squids our friends.
Because the way I see it,
tis far better to be with them
then against them.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

entry: 1007

Weather: chilly

The deck of the SS Chambs has been busy busy busy.
School is rapidly coming to a close
and the weeks are going by so quickly I can barely take it all in.
But there is good news.
You can find me on etsy!

Not everything is up yet
but I'm working on it!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

entry: 5333

weather: rainy and bleh.

The SS Chambs has hit rough waters.
with the end of school rapidly approaching,
the hunt for an apartment continuing
and the bank account dwindling.
Stress is putting it lightly.
I haven't felt this crazy since before i was medicated.
(last year)
My only comfort is that after all this
i will have a home, a degree, and a first mate.

Plans are in the works for a JessChambers etsy store.
not much is known yet.. but i do know this.
10% of all purchases will go to the BARC shelter in BK.
because i love dogs.
and if i cant own them all, then im going to help them.
Information will be posted here when the time comes.

stay dry and warm sailors. its not pretty out today!