Monday, February 26, 2007

entry: 7770

weather: snowy and obviously cold.

The view from my window.

This particular morning feels like christmas.
after months and well.....years.
it's officially time for my senior show.
it is up in the east hall gallery
and i could not feel more relieved.

I managed (with lots of help from bunny)
to hang a show i am actually proud of.
and that reflects what i am about
personally and artistically.

Tonight is the general opening of the show-
where the pratt community will most likely attend.
I'm more concerned with Thursday
when all of my favorite people will attend.
yes i had to be a brat and have it on thursday
easier for friends and family.

I cant really describe how good I feel right now.
My entire college career has been spent running
I never completed anything.
So to have actually put up a real senior show.
is a huge milestone.
it feels really wonderful to have completed something.
And its nice not to be running from anything anymore.
Life is almost as it should be.
I say almost because i'm broke and still living in the dorm
a full time job and apartment will make it even better.

so sailors,
hope you can make it out thursday
and i suggest you either curl up with some hot chocolate
or get out there and start a snowball fight.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

entry: 0057

weather: sunny and slushy

good morning snow bunnies.

I was doing my usual reading of
when i notice this headline
"Monster Glowing Squid Caught on Camera."

Once again the Japanese are hogging the cephalopod spotlight.
I've actually grown quite tired of hearing from them
only because they always manage to get the critters out of the water
into capitivity....where they quickly perish.
That's wonderful you are finding prehistoric sharks and Jenkins relatives.
But come on. Leave them in the ocean.

I tried to do some speedy research on this "monster squid"
who is generally known as Taningia danae.
I do not know what i expected to find
maybe an autobigraphy written by the squid herself.
A diary of life in the abyss.

All i seemed to find were gross pictures of the deceased
and the length-which could be up to 7 feet.
My quest for knowledge was not fruitful.

But perhaps in terms of the larger cephalopods
ignorance is bliss.

have a wonderful weekend sailors.
i know i will.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

entry: 0067

weather: absolutely frigid.

i'm stranded on madison avenue.
work was not over as early as i thought.
now i'm slightly angry.
but by looking at these flemish giant pictures.
my anger is beginning to fade.

giant bunnies make me so happy.
despite this work mess
i have a night with my co-captain to look forward to.

goodnight sailors.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

entry: 7458

weather: absolutely freezing!!

while the crew of the ss chambs tries to free the ship
from the icy barriers (using hair dryers and salt)
it is apparent to me that global warming hasn't yet taken over.
and that makes me smile.
or maybe my face is just frozen...
either way its definitely winter here in brooklyn.
and there are only 20 days until my senior show goes up.

hard to believe that all this was 6 years in the making.
i dont regret any of my choices,
but i am glad it is almost over.

italy is also a month away
which blows my mind because
i drunkenly purchased the ticket back in october!
time flies.
i feel as though i say that constantly.
but it really is true..

in other news my co-captain and i are stil doing just fine
i did the whole meet the parents thing recently
and he will be taking the voyage to s jersey to do the same very soon.
exciting and new.

this new schedule i have going right now is burning me out.
and i want a real day to myself.
if any of you do get actual days where you are completely free
than enjoy then sailors!