Sunday, March 30, 2008

Etsy Favs

I've been a tad lazy with my etsy favs.
Last week was easter, and I think that
I was also away the weekend before that.

But never fear, here I am
in the BF's kitchen in Queens.
With some sweet new etsy finds!

First we have this "See-thru Shark print"
by Berkley Illustration
In this store there are tons of awesome
animal portraits.
The best part is that they are shown with collars
or military uniform jackets.
It's a pretty brilliant idea
and at 7$ each they are easily collectible.
naturally I want the bunny.
But I also liked this shark!

Next up we have the coolest bracelet ever.
It comes from Luster Studio.

I am basically addicted to Haribo.
When I was in Rome much of my time
was spent hunting down foreign gummies.
The classic gold bears are always a favorite of mine,
so when I saw this bracelet I nearly fell over.
There is also a necklace just like it.
I love Luster Studio's shop because of all
the wearable sweets!!

Finally, I stumbled upon a super cute
and super cheap set of notecards
from Isabell's Umbrella.
This set of mini cards is $3.50.
You receive 12 cards.
And there are a couple choices
of cute creatures. There is also
a "create your own set".
I recommend buying some cards
and sending them out to friends asap.
We should write letters more often.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Up the Creek, Sans Paddle.

I have another new obsession.

The wikipedia page gives a pretty good description
of what the show is all about.
So I'd venture there first, 
and then head here.

Also, If you are a fan of the Office/Extras
and the Mighty Boosh.
Keep your eyes peeled for some guest appearances.

Below is the second installmant
of Darkplace. 
In this episode there are only 2 words.
tele kinesis.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Importance of Tipping.

Alright, so this is totally off of 
my beaten path of blog topics.
But this needs to be put out there.

The service industry is 
called that for a reason.
Maybe you need a haircut, mustache wax, 
your coat checked, or alcoholic beverages.
Someone will get paid to do this for you
but they do not just work on their hourly wage.
They count on TIPS.

As a hostess/coat check I have noticed 
that generally people my age (mid 20's)
usually do not tip at all.
This is absolutely unacceptable.
I realize most people my age are in financial binds
(I definitely am)
But there is no reason why you cannot tip
your server at least 20% and hand the coat check person
one measly dollar.

Not tipping or tipping poorly
is not classy.

Sorry for such a harsh post 
but this has been bugging me.
Perhaps tomorrow i'll post about
bunnies and cotton candy to brighten the blog up!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Box Jellyfishes.

I was meandering around the 
National Geographic website
and in the animals section, 
they featured the Box Jellyfish.

In the article they compared the 
jelly to a 6ft man, and they were about 
the same size.
I felt that something was off.
I knew they could be large-
but the same size as a full grown man?

I did my research.
and in diameter the head
of the jelly is about 11.8"
the tentacles can grow to
up to 9ft in length.
This is the Chironex fleckeri species.
The largest of the box jellyfish.

Now don't get me wrong. 
they are quite long.
And NG got the measurements right.
But the picture looks like it is
 a man-eating jellyfish.
I can't even explain why this irks me.
I suppose I am just a fan of accuracy.

For more facts on the Box Jelly
They have a nice fact sheet
about this very awesome and 
deadly sea creature.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Produce Jackpot

My awesome roommate just emailed me
(Community Supported Agriculture)

Basically you are buying shares of an organic farm, 
helping it flourish, and eating the harvest.
Also, your time will be donated as a volunteer one 
saturday or 2 wednesdays a month.
Which I think is pretty fair.

They have different packages
of veggies, fruits, eggs and flowers.
Or all of the above if you have the cash for it!

This is a great way to support local farmers
and get delicious organic produce.
I'm getting myself a payment plan and
signing up for the fruit package.

Don't live in Brooklyn?
Check this out.
and find a local CSA you can join!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Etsy Favs

There are few things that make me happier
than cupcakes and sea creatures.
So when the two combine
my heart soars, and an obsession forms.
Enter Faff.

Buttons, magnets and mirrors are covered
in these whimsical designs.
And they are awesome and affordable.
Pocket Mirrors $6

The next new fav is
Ross the Crab Dude ($7)
from Dudes by Bebot.
Ross, and all the other dudes
are little felt creations that can
function as friends, magnets,
pins and anything else you can imagine.

If it were me i'd keep him in my purse
much like Carly does with Jerome.
(Her purse penguin)
I love seeing what other artists do with
sea creatures.
Makes me so happy!

Happy Sunday bunnies.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

(See page 91)

I have a fondness for out of date
guides and textbooks.
Whilst at the Strand
I found this gem.

Yes, the contents are as magic
as its cover!
It states the obvious dangers
-sharks, rays, jellyfish, moray eels..
But it also opened my eyes to 
some new deadly creatures.
Cone shells.
These are the pretty shells you find on the shore

The creature within the shell is quite venomous
and in extreme cases the sting can cause a coma
and possibly death, due to cardiac failure.
who knew?
As for treatment..
"There is no specific treatment. Cases of 
cone shell stings should be managed like 
venomous fish stings. See page 91.

Page 91 is referenced quite often.
Apparently there is not treatment 
for most ocean catastrophes.
In fact pg 91, does not offer very much help.
Basically bypass 91 and see a doctor.

Another magical book find for $7.50

Friday, March 14, 2008

Busy Bee

I've been a bad blogger this week.
But I've been out of state
and working every night.
It's one of those weeks where
there just isn't time for much.

But one thing I have been 
working on
is my greeness.

These are things I've done
or improved on.

*Instead of buying orange juice
in containers, I purchased a glass juicer
and fresh oranges.
Which creates oj with biodegradable waste.

*I've been cutting down my use of paper towels 
and switching to cloth ones whenever possible.

*I refuse bags whenever I shop.

*I only buy glass beverage containers
that can be recycled.

*Vinegar, water, and a seventh generation mix
have been my cleaners of choice lately

It's not much, but any steps taken
to be a little more green,
are steps in the right direction.
And I love getting new tips
so if you have any let me know!

Have a good weekend sailors!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Friends are Talented.

Some are musically inclined
others can act.
But Carly can take some
ridiculously wonderful photos.

We had a photo shoot 
for her costume series.
and it was tons of fun.
check out her website

Friday, March 07, 2008


This marks my 100th post.
which is pretty crazy.
my blog has changed a lot over time
-in a good way of course.
and I've actually acquired other readers
besides my best friend and boyfriend.
which is nice.
The new room has made me 
quite productive.
I created new batches of Easter cards this week
They are all currently up on etsy right now.
All are in sets ranging from 2-4
and all are between $6-10.

I'll also be posting a set of 2 watercolor squid cards today.
They are priced at $8.00
Hopefully I can continue to make more in the coming weeks
Though March is a busy busy month!
We shall see.

In other news today is 
my dear friend Bunny's birthday!
I plan on making her a card and getting her 
some madelines from Balthazar Bakery.
It should be a fun celebration this evening.

In conclusion, I would like to dedicate 
my 100th post to my dad.   
Even though he did not make my Valentine's list
(much to his dismay haha)
he is still at the top of my list of those i love.
Below is a picture of my dad circa 1973
he was a track superstar.

Monday, March 03, 2008

New Cards

Right now I am sitting in the bf's kitchen
listening to the Jesse James soundtrack
(well done Nick Cave and Warren Ellis)
and painting some new squid cards.

I managed to mess up the first batch
not realizing that me Le Pen marker
was not waterproof.
Running ensued.
It's hard to tell here
but some of the yellow turned greenish.
gah. maybe i will sell these on the cheap
as mistake cards...

Here is a better version of Bus Stop Squid
and yes, i'm using photo booth.
its easier than all the uploading nonsense.
at least for the blog.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Etsy Favs

I've been thinking a lot 
about that article I read in the L.
(See Regina and friends post)
I started thinking that maybe I 
need to switch to non-chemical-fied
(i made that up)

So this week on my etsy favs
I picked some handmade body products
that I think look awesome.
And will probably end up buying
once i run out of the things i am currently using.

The beauty of finding these sellers on etsy,
is that you are getting all natural products
without the high price tag.
Etsy sellers make it easy to be green!

I was completely taken by this shop, 
because they make their own laundry detergent!
I recently ran out of mine, and was in the market
for some new suds.  So I snatched it right up!
The maker has sensitive skin and has taken it upon 
herself to create all natural products she can use.
Now that is a savvy bunny.
Another plus is that it comes in a paper bag 
with a wooden scooper. 
Recycleable and reusable!

I actually just placed an order from bunny butt.
Which i should be receiving soon!
They create all kinds of goodies from soaps, 
lotions, lip balms and scrubs.
best of all-they offer a sampling set
of 3 different lotion scents ($5)
so you can decide which you like.
I ordered this- because I couldn't decide.
My scents are birthday cake, pomegranate sage, 
and mango papaya. yum!

The Move is Complete!

Ahhhh finally in my new apartment
and I couldn't be happier!
Everything went smoothly,
and then the bf and I had a nice dinner
and drinks (many drinks)
with my parents afterwards.
Here are some photos of my room
which is a work in progress.