Thursday, October 30, 2008


woo 200th post!
maybe I haven't been such
a terrible blogger after all.

The bf, Serg and I are heading to NJ
tomorrow to celebrate Halloween
with my family and some of my favorites.
I have decided to be a crab,
which consists of a crab hat,

and a monochromatic outfit
that I purchased from American Apparel.

Fairly cheap, and i can wear the clothes
again- so it isn't a waste.
I did try to find a real costume at the
halloween store but everything was either
slutty, cheaply made, or expensive.
Often the cheaply made overlapped
with the expensive.

If I am going to be spending $60 on
some costume, it better not be made
out of some crap fabric that is going
to make me sweat.

I also think that it is fitting
that I am going as a sea creature.
a non-slutty sea creature I might add.
Keepin' in classy under the sea.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

in praise of music videos.

Well maybe just Bjork's for now...

Last night at work we had
a throwback session and became
enamored with the beauty and charming
qualities of Bjork's videos all over again.
Who can look so good in a bald cap?
make robots all sexified?
and be the most adorable thing
in a choreographed production?
only one lady.

It's not a wonder they are incredible either
especially with Michel Godry
and Spike Jonze directing.

here are a few to enjoy.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dog Parade

Each year the dogs get all decked out
for the Tompkins Square dog parade.

I am never in attendance but I do
love to look at the photos of
all the cute dogs, and clever costumes.

Because I am 90% sure that serg would
attack me for trying to dress him,
we will never join the costume fun.

But check these guys out! they seem to be enjoying it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Massacre

Each morning when Serg and I
take our first walk,
I noticed that the pumpkins
in my neighborhood were
being attack by the squirrels.

I thought that it was pretty funny
seeing a little creature tearing into
a very large pumpkin.
Sadly, I didn't have a camera that day
but I did take some aftermath photos today.

I've decided to keep our pumpkin in the kitchen
so that we can eventually eat it in pie form
rather than let the squirrels ravage it.

In other news, we've been hanging things around
the apt and it is slowly becoming a home.
Here is a photo of Serg
The other is of the bf hanging his taxidermy
and a large mirror that has a ghost in it.
not an actual face, but an orb.
I was a little creeped out when I saw that.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

halloween time.

it's 10.52am and
nightmare on elm street is on.

October is one of my favorite months,
when else can you watch so many horror flicks
at all hours of the day or night?

I can't really pinpoint the time
when I started enjoying horror movies
and stopped having to sleep with the light on.

Though I do remember that the movie that
scared me the most was a children's film.
The Witches caused me more mental angst than
any other movie I've seen over the years.

I have only seen it once when I was either 8 or 9
and never again.

You can check out one of the clips that
scared the crap out of me here.
I much prefer Angelica Houston with her
own beautiful face.

When I think of witches, I think of Practical Magic.
the kind of witches that you'd want to be,
not the ugly kind who turn kids into mice...
well maybe I could find a happy medium and be
a pretty witch who turned kids into mice.

Because who wouldn't want to be able to do that once in awhile.

And whether I was a witch or not,
I'd want to live here.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

goodness gracious

I am a huge advocate
of natural and organic foods.

I check the ingredients
of everything that I buy,
from cereal to cleaners, to shampoo.
In search of the product with the least
amount of ingredients (and chemicals).

After reading Death by Supermarket,
In Defense of Food, and general nutrition books,
I decided to cut out the high fructose corn syrup.

You can read about how it is made here
It is a very complicated process
which should be a red flag immediately.
Who wants to put a highly processed product
into their body?
"Not I" said the redhead.

Here's where my blood begins to boil.
Recently there have been commercials airing
supporting high fructose corn syrup.

What gets me is that they claim that
HFCS is ok in moderation.
That could be the case if HFCS wasn't
in 80% of the foods at the average supermarket.
I'd be willing to bet that all of their
snacks at that birthday party were processed
and loaded with HFCS.

Well OK maybe not all of their snacks,
but HFCS hide in places that you least expect.
Love sandwiches? check the ingredients on your bread-
believe it or not, it is a challenge to find
HFCS-free bread at the supermarket.
Are you a cereal fanatic? because even rice krispies
and special K have it.
(I was deeply saddened to find that rice krispies was tainted.)

I could probably go on forever about this.
So I will sum this up right now.

You wouldn't put HFCS in the
food you make in your own kitchen,
so why buy items that have it?
And if it is so safe, why do
the HFCS people feel the need to
create commercials to defend it.

sorry to rant, but I felt it was necessary.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


We have internet!
and a dog!

I finally adopted Sergio,
and he seems to be enjoying
life in our apartment.

We were insanely worried about him
barking, because we arrived home one night
and he was going crazy.
But since we've stopped locking him in the kitchen
he is doing much better.

Sounds crazy but the dog whisperer book
really helped us train Serg.
Cesar Millan really knows what he is doing.

I found this clip of him helping a beagle,
and while he does a great job, I think that
the highlight of this clip is the owner
who is wearing a beagle shirt, and has
beagle items all over the house.

Thankfully Serg has no real breed
so I could never become that owner.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


I am so excited that the season
of autumn decided to grace us
with her presence this year!

I went out to early to run errands
this morning and there was a crisp
breeze and leaves crunching under my shoes.

Another thing that I love about fall
are the pumpkins.

The bf and I were in whole foods the other day
and I saw a pumpkin display and yelled "pumpkins!!!"
a few seconds later, we hear a toddler yell out
"pumpkins!!!". I'm going to assume that he
wasn't mocking me and really enjoyed the
pumpkin display as much as I did.

As soon as we get settled in the new place
I am attacking the apartment with
halloween decorations.

I love halloween, my goal is to
have a REAL costume party.
none of this sexy costume crap,
I'm talking serious costumes.
Apple Cider.
Scary Movies.
and all things that halloween should be.

oh goodness, I almost forgot
my family's favorite halloween special.
Disney's Halloween Treat.
Here are some of my favorite clips.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008