Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Settling. the good kind.

For the last 4 years I've been on a constant move.
I've lived in 3 dorms rooms,
4 apartments,
3 states,
and 2 boroughs.

This Sunday, when I move
it will be the first time I've had
a permanent home in 4 years.

It's a magical thought.

I'm in the process of packing up my life
so I'm afraid I don't have much to say today.
Definitely more tomorrow.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our New Home

The bf and I decided to move in together,
and after a stressful and emotional
(only on my part) hunt, we finally found our dream home.

We are moving to Queens...I know I know,
I'm a BK girl. But I agreed to move to Qns
if the apartment was really something special.

And this definitely is.

We are moving to Sunnyside Gardens,
which has been around since the 1920's
and is compiled of beautiful brick homes,
tree lined streets, and community greenspaces.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Insipiring tail

I receive e-mails from the ASPCA,
and today they wrote about their
Dog of the Year award.

I teared up while reading it.

"Ten-year-old Cole Massie of Los Angeles, CA, may live with cerebral palsy, but he has
all the support a kid could want, thanks to a very special black Lab/
golden retriever mix named Ilia.

Recently crowned ASPCA Dog of the Year as part of the 2008 Humane Awards program, Ilia performs service duties like bringing items to Cole in his wheelchair and opening and closing doors. But the pooch also has that special healing touch that can’t be taught. “He provides amazing incentive to Cole during therapies, doctor’s appointments and procedures,” says Cole’s mom, Michelle Massie. “He calms, inspires and motivates my son far better than anyone ever has."

Or, as Cole sums it up: "I like when he lies next to me in bed at night and we listen to Harry Potter on CD, and that he helps to clean me when I'm in the bath by licking my face and arms. He's my furry brother and best friend—and a serious bed hog!

This past July, three years after boy and dog were paired by the nonprofit Canine Companions for Independence, Cole was faced with a difficult, but life-changing surgery. “He had walked on his toes, and his feet were totally rolled in,” says Massie. “The operation would allow him to use his feet and free him of the wheelchair.”

“Cole was frightened by the idea of surgery at first,” remembers Massie. “We explained how much more independent he’d be afterward, but he wasn’t buying it. Finally, we told him that if he had this procedure, there was a very good chance he’d be able to walk Ilia on his own—with no parents and no walker." After that, says Massie, "Cole would stroke the dog’s head in bed each night and whisper, 'I will walk you, Ilia. I will walk you.'"

After much coaxing, Cole underwent the surgery in Summit, NJ, and Ilia traveled more than 7,000 miles to be by the boy's side. The ten-year-old is now on his way to becoming an independent walker—and his dedicated service dog will be with him every step.

The entire family will attend the ASPCA Humane Awards Luncheon in New York City this October 30, where Ilia will be honored along with seven other extraordinary animals and people.

P.S. We'd like to remind you, pet lovers, that even heroes have their quirks. As Massie reveals, “Ilia knows 46 commands, but he won’t fetch!”

I just love stories like this!

I think I am going to try to get Serg that award.
He doesn't fetch either,
but he will root through my purse for his treats....
I guess we have a long way to go with him.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh My Goodness!

I took Sergio to get groomed today!
and he looks so handsome!

I wasn't sure where I should go,
when a fellow dog owner/grand st park go-er
recommended Doggie Styles in Williamsburg.
She said they were super nice and affordable,
and she was correct.

Our groomer was so friendly and understanding,
he took things very slow and made sure
that serg was ok throughout the process.
(serg hates being picked up and prodded-
so obviously a trip to the groomers is a nightmare)

I highly recommend Doggie Styles,
if you live in the Williamsburg area.
The staff is amazing and the prices are
more than reasonable.

Now look at how handsome he is!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The bf and I attended the
cubs/mets game last night.

I was my first and last time
at Shea stadium.
And it was fantastic!

I don't follow baseball, but I enjoy
going to the games.
Bonus about Shea: they serve brooklyn
lager- yessssss.
I hate going to sports events and being
forced to choose between bud and bud light.
finally some delicious beer.

I also indulged in a pretzel with mystery cheese.
So good and yet, so bad.

Thanks to our friend Louise,
we had AMAZING seats.
(she knows the gm of the cubs)
and we spotted Bill Murray
in our section. which was a huge
highlight for the both of us.

Some photos are from out home plate seats,
and the others are from the dugout
second row seats.

We had such a good time!

I'll leave you with my favorite
rendition of the national anthem.
Sadly I couldn't find a decent video
so my apologies for this junky version.
But Maya Rudolph is brilliant.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Latest Obsessions

I've always been a fan of hats.
When I was younger I had
a crap ton of "blossom" hats,
and ones covered in rhinestones.
(yes I have always been gaudy)

These days I have decided to
begin investing in a cocktail
hat collection.
They are ridiculously beautiful
as well as timeless.

There is a booth in artist &fleas
with AMAZING hats.
2 of them will be mine.
oh yes.

I also took my search to etsy
and Batcakes hats have just made my day.
check these out.

I just purchased the cheetah hat
because there was only one.
and I felt that I needed it to survive.

If you want to jump on the cocktail hat
bandwagon, I suggest you get to Batcakes asap.
If you are in the NY area check out Fabulous Fannies
in the E village and artist & fleas in wburg on sat and sun.

My second obsession is /eks/
(pronounced X)
a wonderfully delicious frozen yogurt joint
on driggs b/w N9 &10th.

They actually make the yogurt in house
without any refined white sugar.
I've seriously been addicted to this stuff.
But keep in mind it is frozen yogurt,
so it is going to taste like yogurt.

I read so many comments on yelp that
complain about the yogurt tangy taste....
why would you get frozen yogurt if you
don't even like the unfrozen stuff??
people baffle me.

I think this is way better than pinkberry.
It's light, refreshing, and I cannot
get enough.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kitchen Sink

Here is the

I cannot believe it is September,
and the end of the month at that!
The crisp fall weather has been
magical, especially since we
were denied the season of
autumn last year.

The change in seasons always
stirs my deep desire to shop.
There are a few things at artists and fleas
that I have my eye on. (hats and jewelry!)
and I already have 2 new shoe purchases
under my belt.

I FINALLY got new rainboots
at the fantastic price of $25
and a new pair of ankle boots
at payless for $34.
I love cheap shoes. fact.

In dog news, Sergio is doing
quite well, and he even let me
pick him up the other day.
(he didn't enjoy it, but he
didn't attack me- so I think
that is a huge step)

We spend most of our mornings
at the park on grand street where
he has taken to running around
like mees out of the bathtub
(read: all crazy-like.)
It makes me laugh so hard when he
does it.

The bad part is that when I return
him to the shelter he always tries
to follow me home.
This breaks my heart.
I just want to bring him home.

Another frustration has been my art.
I just haven't had the time or money
to do anything lately.
But today I picked up a pencil
and finally drew something that
I didn't hate.
it's a squid- I know everyone's shocked-
but different from the norm.

I also want to get back into collaging
but I'll need a new supply of magazines
to chop up, I've exhausted all my other ones.

I know this is a super long post
I'm going to try to be better about
posting regularly again.
It's just a habit I need to get back into
I know other bloggers understand.

hugs and manatees.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Busy Bee

I'm a bad bad blogger.

But I have been busy,
as usual.
Between work, sergio,
searching, and the such
I've been running myself ragged.

I've made some sweet purchases
and gone to some good shows
in between, and I'll be posting
about those as well as my latest endeavor
promise promise!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

On the Waterfront

The park at Grand and River
has finally opened up again.
Despite the trash that seems
to be piling up, it is a lovely park
that is right on the water.

Serg and I have been venturing
down there to sit and watch the waves,
talk about how handsome he is,
and snuggle.

here are some photos from the park.

Serg blinked.

He's so sweet, I also think that
Robert figured out what breed
he is a mix of- he said that the guy
on Ace of Cakes has a dog that looks
just like serg, and it is an eskimo dog.

So I did some research and the ears
and the coloring are different,
but it does kinda look like him!

Obviously this dog is a little more
well groomed than serg...