Saturday, May 12, 2007

4 ft. clams and new beginnings.

Weather: cool summer evening

it is offical sailors.
I've reached the end of my college voyage!!
i really never thought i'd see this day,
where i'd have a degree, and an awesome apartment.

But enough about me
Lets talk about giant clams.
Perhaps it is because i am so small,
but i have a fascination of large sea creatures.
and the giant clam is a beauty.

These babies can grow to be 4ft in length.
thats roughly the size of an 8 year old.
and though myths of man eating clams exist.
Scientists claim that this cannot be true,
due to the clams inability to snap its shell shut.
Therefore giving the human enough time to
get the hell out of the clams mouth.

These giants can live 100+years
which is no surprise with those shells.
They are found mostly in the South Pacific
and Indian Ocean.
another interesting tidbit is that
once they choose their place in the reef
they are there forever and ever.

an awesome sight for
finding monster info
I stumbled upon it while googling
"Man Eating Giant Clam".
So. uh check into that.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend sailors!

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