Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's August 27th.

This date isn't special, I am just merely
shocked that it is actually the end of August.
The older I get, the quicker that summer
(and time in general) fly by.

I've been a busy bunny this last month,
and will continue to be busy through
September! oy.

I've have been doing pretty fun things though,
I had the 2 weddings and then went indoor bouldering
for the first time, in celebration of our friend Pete's bday.

I was pretty proud of myself for
making it to the top multiple times.

The bf and I actually made it out to Long Beach
for a magical day by the sea. We brought back some
sweet shells, and my face got a few more freckles.

This past weekend I participated in the Crafts for Cause
benefiting the Citizens for No-Kill Philadelphia
It went quite well, though there was no air conditioning
in the building. My wonderful sister Em agreed to sit
and sweat with me for 6 hours. She deserves an award for that.

I do have pictures of this but not on my camera,
so they will be posted at a later date.

I have some new things that I plan to be working on
*thank you cards, narwhals, and the rock of love squid.
and I gotta get my butt in gear with christmas cards.

Yes Christmas cards...sigh. so not ready for that yet.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Summer of Weddings part 2.

This past weekend our friends Mike and Rissa
got married at her Dad's estate in CT.
It was one of the most beautiful properties
and weddings that I have ever seen.

It was like something out of a wedding show
on the Oxygen network.
We had such a great time eating,
drinking, and dancing the night away.

For dinner there was a 4 course meal with
wine pairings. The food and the wine was
outstanding. Especially the Chablis and the
Champagne. So delicious!

I don't have a photo of the dessert but they had a
biscuit with a berry compote and whipped cream
and some kind of delicious sweet honey cake.

They were also giving out affogatos and espressos
AND gelato on a cone. mmm

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat..

It's Shark Week!

I have been a fan of this for years!
Most people are, except for Carly,
because she isn't fond of sharks.
But I can understand, as I would
not be very excited if the discovery channel
started running Spider Week. ew.

Anyway, they have this sweet site up for
the event. And if you love sea creatures as much
as I do, you will totally nerd out on the site.

Check it out here

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Short and Sweet

The bf's sister Chelsie informed us of this site-
which is pretty sweet. has daily deals at a low price.
They just need a certain amount of people
to sign up for the deal to go through.

Right now it's a deal for some art gallery thing-
but they had deals on food/sports/dance classes
kinda the something-for-everyone vibe.

And they have different deals for different cities.
I'm actually really hoping that the dance class deal
comes back. (classes get expensive-it is only now that
I truly appreciate my dad paying for my 16 years of dancing)
Thanks dad : ]