Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's August 27th.

This date isn't special, I am just merely
shocked that it is actually the end of August.
The older I get, the quicker that summer
(and time in general) fly by.

I've been a busy bunny this last month,
and will continue to be busy through
September! oy.

I've have been doing pretty fun things though,
I had the 2 weddings and then went indoor bouldering
for the first time, in celebration of our friend Pete's bday.

I was pretty proud of myself for
making it to the top multiple times.

The bf and I actually made it out to Long Beach
for a magical day by the sea. We brought back some
sweet shells, and my face got a few more freckles.

This past weekend I participated in the Crafts for Cause
benefiting the Citizens for No-Kill Philadelphia
It went quite well, though there was no air conditioning
in the building. My wonderful sister Em agreed to sit
and sweat with me for 6 hours. She deserves an award for that.

I do have pictures of this but not on my camera,
so they will be posted at a later date.

I have some new things that I plan to be working on
*thank you cards, narwhals, and the rock of love squid.
and I gotta get my butt in gear with christmas cards.

Yes Christmas cards...sigh. so not ready for that yet.

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