Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Through the Looking Glass.

If I told you that this sign led to some delicious food
would you believe me?

Flushing is kind of like Wonderland. If a ratty old
sign promising hand pulled noodles points to this entrance,
you don't think twice. You follow the arrows.
They will lead you into a basement area that has been
transformed into a mini food court. About 7 little
"restaurants" crowded into a fairly small space.
Each with their own specialties, all for amazing prices.

We decided to try out "Zhou's Hand Pulled Noodles"
and they did not disappoint. For $5 we stuffed ourselves
with beef and noodle soup. The photo really doesn't
do it justice. This bowl is deep and very packed full
of noodles, bok choy, beef, and cilantro. We also added
some kind of pickled veggie and spicy chili sauce at the
suggestion of our table mates.

I'd visit this place again and again. There was also a little
hot pot restaurant that I really want to try. Everything down
there looked so good. Sometimes you just can't judge
a place by its entrance..

Another new place for us was this little hole in the wall
that had 2 walk up windows, and by far the cheapest menu
I have ever seen! $1.00 scallion pancake, $1.25 for a heaping pile
of lo mein or rice noodles, $1.25 for 4 pork buns.

I <3 Queens.

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