Saturday, May 28, 2011

New York Moments

Yesterday was just perfect.
The bf and I stopped in at the Columbus Circle Whole Foods
to pick up provisions and then had a lovely picnic in Central Park.
There is something truly enchanting about that place,
and because we don't go too often I tend to forget.

It feels as though you've managed to get out of the city,
but the buildings that tower over the trees remind you that
you've never left home. The sun was shining, and our cheese
choices were delicious.

As we left the park we decided that a cocktail would be nice
so, we walked over to Rouge Tomate for some of the most
refreshing and tasty drinks that I've had in awhile.

I left the city feeling blissfully in love with NY all over again.
Even today, upon waking up, I still have butterflies for my city
and cannot wait start the day.

The bf has gone camping for the night, and I've decided to have a day
alone in the city. This will include (but is not limited to)
*McQueen exhibit at the Met
*Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
*A large bunch of lychees and other Chinatown finds
*Picking up my wine purchases from ABC Wine co
*Paper store for envelopes


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