Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wilderness Girl

 If you've ever seen Troop Beverly Hills then you can visualize my
preferred style of camping.  Luxury hotel with a fireplace to roast the s'mores.
No bugs. No forest.

I haven't been camping since I was 9, when my girl scout troop traumatized
me by having a weekend camping trip in some cabin. I ruined my new hiking boots
from J.C Penney, walked through a spider web in the woods, and had to listen
to the story of Scheherezade on cassette one too many times before bed.  I hated it.

Dating the bf has made me want to give nature a second chance, and
it isn't that I really hate nature I just hate bugs.
(They haunt my dreams and give me night terrors. )
Though my version and his version of the outdoors greatly differ,
I'm taking baby steps to being a better Wilderness Girl.
This past weekend we went down to Southern NJ for my
first camping experience in 18 years, and I had a great time and only 2 bug freak outs.

I swam, canoed, learned how to play 500 Rummy, impressed everyone
with "Gourmet Night", had a photo shoot with my lady, and ate a lot.
It was lovely.

I'm actually excited for next year!
So thanks to the bf, Carly and Rick for making my
second shot at camping a success.

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