Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Further Exploration: New World Mall

We finally made it back to explore the food court at the New World Mall.
The huge wooden salad bowls filled with stir fried goodness had been on
our minds ever since our first trip.
We started with buns (1 red bean-which almost has a chocolate flavor to it, and radish-
which tastes like a delicious egg roll)

$3 for both, and they were do delicious.  The red bean one was so dense
we could only take a few bites and had to take it home.
Now for the main course, we went to Lao Ma Mala Tang, where we got to choose from
a very large selection of meats and veggies.  It's pay by the pound so you can get
as much as you want.  Because there was only the 2 of us we went kind of easy-
or so we thought.  We chose bacon, beef, 1 crab, shrimp, tofu, lotus root, 2 kinds of mushrooms,
spinach and told them only a little spicy on the sauce.
And this is what we got:

Let me just say that this dish had flavors that I've never experienced before.
Not in a bad way, just kind of shocking to the palate.  A pepper flavor that was almost
cooling, yet tingly and numbing-maybe green peppercorns? And the heat level was,
for me, very spicy. For the fiance' it was perfect- but he loves spicy food.
They really just throw everything in as is. We had to peel the shrimp and the crab,
I bit down on a huge hunk of ginger and the fiance' got a whole clove of garlic.
For $21 we really got our money's worth, we couldn't even finish it!

We threw in the towel and wandered over to Snopo for dessert.  If you happen
to be a regular reader of this blog (Dad and maybe a few others) you may remember
that we visited this dessert mecca the last time we were there.  This time we really went for it
and got their "Snowy Ice" a strange cross between ice cream and shaved ice.

It's another weird food experience, but so delicious. We got the strawberry flavor
with strawberry jelly- which is just a better quality strawberry jell-o
(you can see the strawberry seeds).  They also have Snowy served "romantic style"-
I still haven't figured out where the romance comes in, but these look really fancy
and they have names like "Princess Strawberry", "Forever Time" and "Precious Time".
I think that we'll go for the romance next time we're there.

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