Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Bridal Tidal Wave: Part 3

I've got wind in my wedding sails again, which feels good.
I had been feeling overwhelmed for the last few months, not really wanting
to discuss the wedding at length or even really start to think about all the final
details.  I'm going to call this phase "deposit depression", the down time
that you have where you are paying deposits and not really doing much else.

Thankfully that time has passed and the excitement is back.
We're down to 116 days, and this is the time that I've been looking forward to,
where the parties begin, final details are created, and when I get to start spending
large amounts of time with my family and bridal party.

These are the last 3 weeks before everything really gets rolling.
We should have the invites on or around August 1st and from then on
time is just going to fly, but I'm ready for it.

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