Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bridal Tidal Wave: Part 4

67 days. The shower has come and gone, the menu has been finalized,
invites have gone out and the response cards have started to come in.

People were not kidding when they said this time would fly by.
I do feel good though, we're right where we want to be in terms
of planning. All the big stuff is out of the way, and now we can
focus on details.  I'll be heading to the paper store tomorrow for
cardstock for the escort cards and table numbers.  At this point in
the game I am all about DIY and not spending a ton of money.

Right now my biggest concern is what wines I'm going to choose.
I know that people may not care, and they'll drink what's around
but wine is one of my top 5 interests (other 4 are: sea creatures, books,
travel, and collaging) so I want them to be awesome (yet economical).
I do think I'll buy a super badass bottle of Burgundy for the
soon-to-be husband and I to share during our dinner- because it's not often
that I have an occasion to really splurge on wine. I'm rambling now- 
so I'll wrap this up. 

I'm so excited for the wedding, I can't wait to have family and friends from
all different parts of our lives together in one room.  The idea even sounds
overwhelming. And the best part? I'm marrying the man that I love.
Because after all the planning, the decorations, the dress, etc.- it's really about
us, and the fact that we love each other so much that we want to spend
forever together (in a very real and legally binding sense)

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