Thursday, September 20, 2012

Latest Obsessions

*Making Ice Cream
I was lucky enough to get a kitchenaid ice cream maker at my shower
(Thanks, Meghan!) I've already made raspberry and chocolate ice cream, and
concord grape sorbet. All have been delicious and surprisingly easy.

*The new XX album
Current favorite song: Reunion

*Between 2 Harvests
This is a magical time of year when I can buy pumpkins and concord grapes
but still indulge in ripe heirloom tomatoes and peaches.

*My Halloween Pinterest Board
Gathering inspiration, ideas, and nostalgia

*37 days til the wedding!
almost there! Can't wait to be his Mrs.

*Eating the Rainbow
I've been trying to buy all different colors at the greenmarket, purple cauliflower, 
yellow tomatoes, orange sweet potatoes, green arugula. you get the idea.
More colors=more good stuff



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