Wednesday, September 20, 2006

entry 3829

weather: sunny and glorious

an exciting day on the SS Chambs, new job on the horizon. very excited about it
glad to be leaving bobbyflayland. and all of its ridiculousness.
but will miss the fantastic folks.

work in the studio is going well. creating a wall collage..thinking that perhaps my show will in fact be a wall collage...or entire room collage. complete with cupcakes and an afterparty. because i know everyone will be dying for a drink.

the co-captain and i continue to sail the open seas together. still happy. going to plan a weekend trip to montauk soon.
very much looking forward to it.

taking a voyage home to south jersey on the 6th. can't wait to see the sj crew and family. not to mention big big mees.

christina's bday event tonight. will be nice to hang out with the BA crowd outside of work.

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