Thursday, October 12, 2006

entry: 0883

weather: doesn't know what it wants.

Yesterday was the kind of day when I wanted the rain to come.
Today, I just want it to be crisp and dry.
My hopes for the weather usually mirror my moods.
Lately I suppose I've been a grumpy captain.

But when no new discoveries are being made, taping the documentaries is on a brief hiatus, and there is no income -
it's easy to see why.

I just recalled a piece of a dream I had last night. I was hosting a gathering, and a dear friend and senior prom date
(yes we had proms in sailing school) was sitting at my kitchen table in denim overalls with no shirt. (it was a sort of theme party) and I immediately began to cry because i knew it could not be possible for him to be in my kitchen. later i listened to the messages on my phone...which was a phone i had years ago and he left me a message and at the end it said i love you.
the whole time i knew he was not alive. it was so bizarre. and it makes me miss him and his contagious laugh.

He serves as a constant reminder to me that life, indeed, is all too short. And each person should sail the open seas, and dive deep into the unknown without fear. I am convinced that the worst thing a person can do is worry so much about the future that they forget to live in the present. Enjoy everything you have, and appreciate everyone that loves you.

I usually don't like to get into telling people how they should live their lives. But I do really believe that life is a beautiful thing, and most people forget that. So if you aren't going to map out wild adventures or dive deep into the caverns of the sea, or even take a swim with some dolphins. Promise that you will at least take the time to enjoy the sea air, bask in the sweet sun, let the tide bury your feet in the sand, and wear sunscreen- because sunburned sailors are not attractive.

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