Monday, October 09, 2006

entry: 7727

it's been a weekend of sailing adventures for the SS Chambs.
Down to South Jersey and Philly and then back up to Queens.
Met up with some of the crew for drinks and diner food
and talked of shoes, ships, ceiling wax, cabbages and kings.

Sometime last week..
my desire to travel the seas and a few cocktails helped me to set a new course.
I mapped out a voyage to Rome.
My first mate will be accompanying me
and this will be our European Extravaganza: Part 2
Any kind of extravaganza is a good one. lets be honest here.

Needless to say, I am beside myself with excitement.
Minus my frustration with school, life is great.
the co-captain is still wonderful and I found that he makes a delicious quesadilla.
which is excellent because though i am a skilled sailor, squid extraordinaire, and manatee enthusiast
I cannot cook anything besides pancakes and macaroni and cheese..the boxed kind.
so finding a fantastic man who can cook fantastic treats is a bonus.

My obsession with Steven Jenkins has led me to ponder whether or not I should incorporate him
and my love and respect for the sea into my work.
I consider the sea to be a wonderful metaphor for Art.
Unpredictable. Constantly Changing. Mysterious. Alluring. Full of crazy things.
I would grow terribly bored in focusing on one topic or medium.
Kind of the way that I need to constantly sail from place to place.
My work may appear to have no connection but somewhere in there lies a conjunction.
At least as far as I can see....but what I see won't matter much to onlookers.
Most just want to believe they know more about the work than the artist does.
And yes, sexuality, feminine issues, and interest in anatomy are present.
but maybe I just like to draw legs and manatees.

Lets call it instinct.
I put the head of a man on the body of a pin up because i feel as though it should be there.
Maybe its my subconscious interest in gender roles. or maybe I just think it looks good.
I do not think that all art needs to be conceptual or from a deep place.
I believe that it comes from feeling, intuition- and that can encompass conceptual.
But my mind does not function that way.
I often act on impulse.
I'd like to think I construct my art in the same way.

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