Monday, November 27, 2006

entry: 5111

weather: crisp yet unseasonably warm

ah, back in Queens, in the sleeping quarters of my co-captain.
It was an excellent mini break from my education.
I enjoyed rendezvous' with some of my favorite crew members
got lots of sewing done
and took lots of naps with Big Big Mees, who also has adventures at sea.

My current project is making stuffed animal squid
pictures will be up once a few are completed.
as usual, i have many in the process but only one actually finished.
maybe my new years resolution will be to finish what i start before i begin something new....
but who really keeps their resolutions anyway.

In my continuing quest to further my knowledge about giant squid
i found myself at barnes and noble with 2 of my crew members.
luckily for me i managed to find an entire book devoted to Steven Jenkins and his mysterious kind.
(sidenote:- for those who dont know who jenkins is i will write a detailed biography soon.)

besides the new squid book, i purchased an italian workbook
in hopes of improving my fading language skils
only 3 months left til Roma!
I also found a book of animal facts, i should have bought the book
but money is tight on the SS Chambs and with the holiday season here already
money cant be spent on just anything.
Since i have focused this post on me rather than the creatures of the oceans
i'll throw in some random animal facts that i can remember.



-rats and rabbits cannot vomit.

-there is a kind of lizard who uses debris in the ocean to travel from one island to another

-pigs have corkscrew penises and ejaculate a pint of semen

-if need be, lobsters can find their way home

-chlamydia is common among koala bears

-certain spiders have their penises in their mouths

-it would take 30 minutes to boil an ostrich egg

no wonder they have the clap.....crazy koalas.

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Anonymous said...

barnes & noble was fun. we should do that more often.