Thursday, November 30, 2006

entry: 6890

weather: unseasonably warm....again.

i awoke today to find that there was a baby mouse stuck in a glue trap in the hallway.
naturally. i broke into tears.
i always take it upon myself to toss the torture traps in the garbage
however. the girl next door apparently has them in her room.
there are humane ways to trap mice.
my point? be a friend to animals big and small.

but today is not the day to dwell.
today happens to be one of my best friends birthdays.
lets call her Lady. (you can find her blog in my links)
Lady's favorite animal is the penguin.
so today will be dedicated to the projectile pooper. the penguin.

There are many different types of penguins
some enjoy the frigid temperatures while others prefer climates a bit warmer,
penguins have a layer of blubber, a layer of down feathers and finally the outer feathers.
and if that isnt enough to keep them warm then they snuggle!
for the penguins in the warmer weather spreading their wings
and spreading their feathers will provide a cool down.

and did you know that penguins bond by touching necks
and/or slapping eachothers backs with their flippers.
kind of like Secretary with cute little birds.
and penguins- unlike koala's -stick with their mate for years
and therefore do NOT spread chlamydia around like wildfire.
(sorry koala's i just think you should be more safe.)

and of course, my favorite penguin fact.
they can projectile poop up to 16 inches away from themselves.
keeping their nest and feathers clean.

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Anonymous said...

lol aw thank you for the penguin entry! xoxo