Monday, November 05, 2007

Baby Belugas got the Herp.

Apparently I manage to research all the species
who have std's. It happened with koala's
and now with the beluga.
In my research on this lovely white whale
I found that the herpes virus and papillomaviruses
have been found in Belugas, however
they may not be pathogenic.
So herpes to a whale and herpes to us is
a bit different.
And they definitely don't need to be
"One Less" because hpv doesn't affect them
or their cervixes. Lucky bunnies.

The beluga is a wonderful addition
to the whale family.
And the general public has been enjoying them
since 1861, when Barnum's Museum put one
on display.
These whales can be trained to play games
and perform in shows.
Much like the killer whales or dolphins.
While I have mixed feelings about animal captivity
I can't say i'd pass up the chance to play catch
with some Beluga whales.


Anonymous said...

lol who applauds whales?

Anonymous said...

Who needs applauds, when you have the clap?