Saturday, December 01, 2007

The New World?

It seems that every day,
I find out disturbing facts
about things that are rapidly
disappearing on the planet.

Today I was wandering around the
Treehugger website
which then led me to the WWF site.
It was here that I learned that
the Coral Sea, near Australia's
Great Barrier Reef, could be threatened.

The WWF has this to say:
"Coral reefs are vanishing at a rate
5 times faster than the world's rainforests,
and the populations of large marine species -
such as sharks and tuna - are estimated
to have declined by up to 90% in many areas."

The best time to take action
is before a problem is created.
The WWF has online petitions
for all types of causes.
I signed it, and I encourage others
to do the same.
Help raise awareness so that this
can be preserved

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Who could hurt such a pretty little sea creature! Barbarians!