Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Latest Obsession

I've never been a big milk drinker.
It was only present for oreo and donut dips,
and large bowls of cereal. never ever to drink.

However, whilst at the farmers market
I purchased 4 cider donuts...and nothing
compliments them more than milk..
so I made my way back to the milk stand
and contemplated for awhile.

In the end I had faith in the independent dairy
and bought a quart of whole milk
(with cream on top)
I have since become addicted to the milk
from Milk Thistle Farm.

I had no idea that milk could be so enjoyable,
but I suppose that when you stay away from
mass produced farms that stuff their cows full
of BGH and hormones-then it actually has
the possibility of tasting like it is supposed to.

I meandered to their website and was
pleased to see photos of little kids playing
on the farm, as well as the cows enjoying some
live music in the barn. They seem like happy cows
and that makes me happy.

Another 2 wonderful things about this milk
1.) you are buying from a small local dairy.
that keeps everyone happy and healthy.

2.)the milk comes in a glass bottle,
which saves plastic and looks pretty!

check out their website, and if you can
try to buy some milk from your local dairy!

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