Wednesday, September 03, 2008

On the Waterfront

The park at Grand and River
has finally opened up again.
Despite the trash that seems
to be piling up, it is a lovely park
that is right on the water.

Serg and I have been venturing
down there to sit and watch the waves,
talk about how handsome he is,
and snuggle.

here are some photos from the park.

Serg blinked.

He's so sweet, I also think that
Robert figured out what breed
he is a mix of- he said that the guy
on Ace of Cakes has a dog that looks
just like serg, and it is an eskimo dog.

So I did some research and the ears
and the coloring are different,
but it does kinda look like him!

Obviously this dog is a little more
well groomed than serg...


Rebecca said...

Ah! That's the kind of dog my parents have - the one that they rescued. Supposedly they were at one point very popular circus dogs because they're very good at doing tricks! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Peanut, This is not Serg