Thursday, September 03, 2009

Adventures in Queens

I was reluctant to move to Queens last year,
but the bf has shown me that Queens is a diamond
in the rough. In the last year I have been to
many new restaurants, karaoke, a speakeasy,
Spa Castle, 2 beer gardens, a Mets game @ Shea,
and Long Beach (ok ok it's actually
on Long Island-but it's so close!)
our latest adventure was the US Open.

It was awesome! I have never been a big tennis person,
but it was fun to watch! It definitely took a good 20min
for the bf to explain the scoring to me
(15-30-40?! what is that!?)

But I did catch on and we enjoyed our day
hopping from match to match, getting some sun
and eating cheesesteaks and chicken fingers.

Definitely want to make this a yearly thing.

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Rebecca said...

Hooray for Queens!