Monday, November 23, 2009

The Countdown Begins.

Less than 2 weeks until the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade.
Today I managed to print a lot of otter cards,
touch up and package the santa squids, AND
post both sets of holiday cards to my etsy page.

There was a fail in all this success,
the giving penguins that just don't
want to print properly. le sigh.
I'm close to giving up on them-
but I want to give it one more shot
because I love the design so much.

Between all this cardmaking I
did manage to spend some time
in the kitchen. Last Saturday I made
Cranberry thumbprint cookies.

I wanted to make these cookies because:
a.) I fell victim to Whole Foods cranberry bog display
and ended up leaving with a bag of them.
b.) I could not wait to use my new cookie sheet and
cooling rack. I have officially become a kitchen nerd.
c.)I love cornmeal, and everything that
you can make with it.

I'm excited to start my holiday baking soon, not to
mention the decorating! But it is still 3 days til
Thanksgiving, and I cannot begin to think about
Christmas until Friday.

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