Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Latest Obsessions

* FlashForward. The show poses a lot of questions that seldom get answered but I am already sucked in so there is no use in fighting it.

*Concord Grapes. I've been buying quarts and juicing them.
It takes a few strains but the end result is delicious.
(and good for you, possibly helping anything from heart disease
to breast cancer)

*The Secret History of the World by:Mark Booth
This book is so interesting, but (for me at least) some
paragraphs require a second and sometimes third reading.
It's a lot of esoteric ideas to take in! But this time I am determined
to get through it-I tried once before and then became
distracted by other books that weren't attempting
to change the way I thought about the world.

Polyvore.com- I found this website thanks to Rebecca's blog post.
I was instantly addicted. Basically, you are creating
your own inspiration board-which was always my favorite part
of my fashion classes. Mine definitely aren't as intricate
as some of the others on there but it's fun to put outfits together.

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