Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I have already compiled a list of projects, plans,
and resolutions that I've made.

Here they are in no particular order.

*Create an actual savings account.

*Plant an herb garden
Or should I say, try to keep it alive. I buy potted herbs every year
and every year I manage to kill them.

*Learn how to make yogurt.

*Learn how to can
This goes along with the whole "create less waste" plan
that I am going for this year. Plus, it will allow
me to have summer foods in winter months.

*Learn how to take better photographs.
Lucky for me, I know plenty of excellent photographers.

*Be a localvore

*Create a gift log
Each year I struggle to remember what gifts I have given people
for different occasions. This will allow me to not buy people the same thing,
and will prevent supreme embarrassment.

*Learn how to make kombucha

*Try to sell at 1 craft show a month (at least)


*Continue with French classes

*Travel as much as possible

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Rebecca said...

Those sound like excellent goals!