Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Look Back at the Last Decade.

I began to write "a look back at 09"
when I realized that the decade was indeed over.
This caused a massive retrospect, and I was
fairly blown away by everything that has happened.
To save myself from being long winded here is a list of lists
aka: things that stood out.

The Happy:
*I met 2 of my very best friends by pure chance
*Graduated college after 6 long years (and high school in 01)
*I met my boyfriend, which renewed my belief in love
*I traveled to: London, Amsterdam, Paris(twice), Rome,
Charleston(a millionx),New Orleans, Myrtle Beach(2 or 3x),
Tampa, Baltimore and Las Vegas(2x).
*I adopted a hobo dog
*I became an aunt
*I moved to New York (which has been my ultimate dream)

The Sad:
*I lost 2 grandparents and a prom date.
*Saw friends lose their parents/friends
*Saw friendships (that I thought mattered) dissolve
*Had my heart broken 3x
*I was put on the FIT waiting list 2x-which
at the time was devastating.
*I totaled Shelby, (my car) in 2006

Things that I am Proud of:
*I moved to Charleston on a whim
*I finished something that I started (college)
*In 2002 I spent a month in NYC at Parsons and that
forever changed my life
*I'm extremely happy that I was able to give a shelter dog
a second chance...even if he hates most people.
*I started eating fish (and eating better in general)
*I have been off of my anxiety medication for almost a year

Last night a friend agreed that 2010 would be good,
and said that this is the year of the tiger.
The tiger is a symbol of bravery.
So here's to being brave in 2010

Happy New Year!

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