Monday, April 26, 2010

Take a Look at Me Now.

I've had thyme, basil and strawberry plants
for about a month now, and I am proud to
announce that they are STILL ALIVE!!

Can you believe it!? (because I can't)
In addition to the 2 flourishing plants
I have also managed to get little strawberry
seeds to grow! This is a big deal for me.

Remember in grade school when everyone
planted bean seeds in science class?
Well, mine either didn't even sprout or
died almost immediately.

I've had a black thumb for as long as I can
remember...I think it actually runs in my family.
But this is a new year and I'm keeping my
fingers crossed that my strawberry plants
actually bear some fruit.

On a side note: The Spring Handmade
Cavalcade was a huge success!!
Lots of people came out and I had a very
nice amount of sales!! So many thanks to
those who came out to buy handmade!

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