Saturday, May 01, 2010

Happy May!

The first day of May has been a lovely one.
I spent the bulk of the day meandering around
the Brooklyn Flea. I had planned on buying
necessary presents for Mother's Day and various
upcoming b-days but no...instead I managed to
stuff my face with delicious food.
Not productive but definitely awesome.

Check out my Asia Dog. A hot dog done in
the style of a banh mi sammy.

I also had a pretzel, some lemonade, and
I couldn't resist another bag of Liddabit
salted caramels or their new rhubarb gummies.

I came home and finally made the Rhubarb Upside
Down Cake that I've been talking about all week.
Unlike my Cranberry version, this turned out lovely!

The whole cake managed to come out of the pan this time!

After that I made a quick asparagus risotto, opened
a bottle of Corvina and caught up on my tv shows
for the week.

I love Saturdays like this.
Have a good weekend!

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