Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Recipe of the Week

In lieu of a recipe this week,
I wanted to clarify (for myself,
and anyone that might be interested)
my culinary hopes for 2011.

I want to learn my Mom Mom's recipes and
be able to make them as good as she does.

Mainly, her pierogies, chicken and dumplings,
and holiday breads. I'll be setting up cooking dates
with her, and absorbing (and documenting) every step.
My Mom Mom is an amazing cook.

Another goal is to get a basic grasp on Asian and Indian
dishes. I want to conquer pork buns, pho, samosas,
curries, naan, saag paneer, etc. Creating a diverse
kitchen is extremely important to me. The bf and I
are always eating all kinds of food, so why not
be able to make all of that in my own home?

I also want to make at least one recipe a month
that scares me. i.e: those fancy cakes, anything with multiple
layers of genoise, tuiles, mochi, caramels, geez all kinds of things.
I want to be brave this year.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

aw that would be wonderful for you to learn her recipes. I asked mimi to teach me how to make her chicken and dumplings, but she forgets how :/