Monday, October 24, 2011


This weekend was all kinds of autumn goodness.
Saturday we stayed in, cooked an epic dinner,
(braised lamb chops with figs, sweet potato mash, and
sauteed red russian kale and cranberry claufoutis for dessert)
and watched Rosemary's Baby. 

Sunday we went to see our very talented friend Mike play in the city,
and then attended a pumpkin carving party back in Sunnyside.
This is a group shot of our pumpkins, mine is the haunted house one
and the fiance' made the one to it's right.

That definitely got us into the Halloween Spirit,
and we are really looking forward to this weekend
in NJ!  Keeping the tradition of spending Halloween
with my family- I think we're the only family that I know
that really likes to spend Halloween together. 

I'll put up some more Halloween related posts this week
while I still can. October is almost over- eek!

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