Saturday, March 17, 2012

Further Exploration

The fiance and I are not fans of  St. Paddy's Day.
We avoided the masses by heading out to Flushing
and checking out some new food spots.  One of the most
magical things about Flushing is that every time you visit,
you discover something new.

We were following a new guide and this is what we had:

Fried Dumplings ($1.25)

 A plate of a potato/chili salad and spicy tofu  ($3.00)

 Our favorite, Mt Qi Pork Noodles ($6.00)

 Spicy Wontons ($4.50)

We also discovered the food court mecca that is the
lower level of the New World Mall. You could devote an entire day
to eating there and still not be able to try every place. It was amazing!
We were pretty full by the time we got there so I only picked up Mango Pancakes
($4.00) from a place called Beautiful Memory Desserts.  (With a name like that
how can you resist!?) And a Passion Fruit Tea ($2.50)  from a place called Snopo,
which specializes in Snowy- a fluffy looking ice cream with fun toppings.

Flushing is always a good time.


Rebecca said...

Next time we have to go to this place:

My friend who spent 3 weeks in China said the soup dumplings are as good as anything she had there.

Jess (aka LittleBunny) said...

yes! Let's plan a day soon