Wednesday, January 03, 2007

entry: 7654

weather: sunny and cold.

ahh 2007.
a new year full of endless possibilities.
my entire life will change this year.
and i cant wait.
hopefully by june
i will have a big fat dog
and an apartment to call my own.

for the last 3 years
i have been dreaming of an apartment
that i can call home.
i've been a bit nomadic
i think its time to settle.

in my search for a new home
i cannot help but think of the polar bears
the newest editions to the endangered species list
and how they are going to be homeless first
and then eventually non-existant.
this breaks my heart.
but it makes me glad to know that finally.
the bush administration has acknowledged the fact
that global warming does exist.
maybe now there can be a change.

I searched for what can be done to specifically help
our furry friends up north.
and besides taking steps against global warming
the NRDC ( Natural Resources Defense Council)
suggests this:
"To help protect the polar bear, please revisit this page in early January,
when the newly elected Congress takes office, and send a message
urging your senators and representative to save the polar bear's
Arctic habitat. In the meantime, you can support our ongoing campaign
of public pressure to save these majestic bears by making a gift
to NRDC's BioGems Initiative. "
go here for more.
so sailors, lets do what we can to save our friends.

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