Saturday, December 30, 2006

entry: 9002

weather: clear and cold.

it's about 3.30am eastern standard time
and i have come to a conclusion.
nomatter where i live
i will never find a late night snack
as fulfilling as a wawa snack.

i got a mini hoagie, chips and snapple for 6$
to a new yorker that is a bargain!
a very delicious bargain...
and i feel great now
thank you wawa, for another good snack.

this won't be a long post
because i need sleep
i'm sailing back to queens tomorrow
to see my wonderful co-captain
who saved me from peril today.
if it were medival times
he'd be my knight in shining armor.
but it's not.
so he is my urban naturalist in long johns.

Happy New Year Sailors!

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