Thursday, February 15, 2007

entry: 0057

weather: sunny and slushy

good morning snow bunnies.

I was doing my usual reading of
when i notice this headline
"Monster Glowing Squid Caught on Camera."

Once again the Japanese are hogging the cephalopod spotlight.
I've actually grown quite tired of hearing from them
only because they always manage to get the critters out of the water
into capitivity....where they quickly perish.
That's wonderful you are finding prehistoric sharks and Jenkins relatives.
But come on. Leave them in the ocean.

I tried to do some speedy research on this "monster squid"
who is generally known as Taningia danae.
I do not know what i expected to find
maybe an autobigraphy written by the squid herself.
A diary of life in the abyss.

All i seemed to find were gross pictures of the deceased
and the length-which could be up to 7 feet.
My quest for knowledge was not fruitful.

But perhaps in terms of the larger cephalopods
ignorance is bliss.

have a wonderful weekend sailors.
i know i will.

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