Monday, February 26, 2007

entry: 7770

weather: snowy and obviously cold.

The view from my window.

This particular morning feels like christmas.
after months and well.....years.
it's officially time for my senior show.
it is up in the east hall gallery
and i could not feel more relieved.

I managed (with lots of help from bunny)
to hang a show i am actually proud of.
and that reflects what i am about
personally and artistically.

Tonight is the general opening of the show-
where the pratt community will most likely attend.
I'm more concerned with Thursday
when all of my favorite people will attend.
yes i had to be a brat and have it on thursday
easier for friends and family.

I cant really describe how good I feel right now.
My entire college career has been spent running
I never completed anything.
So to have actually put up a real senior show.
is a huge milestone.
it feels really wonderful to have completed something.
And its nice not to be running from anything anymore.
Life is almost as it should be.
I say almost because i'm broke and still living in the dorm
a full time job and apartment will make it even better.

so sailors,
hope you can make it out thursday
and i suggest you either curl up with some hot chocolate
or get out there and start a snowball fight.

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