Monday, March 05, 2007

entry: 1633

weather: very very weird. cold as well..

hello sailors.
and so we find ourselves mid-semester
(well at least i do)
which means a number of things
* i leave for italy in 4 days
*my show is officially over
* i have 2 months left of college.

its so exciting i can barely take it all in!

here are some photos of my show
as seen through the eyes of
miss carly valentine

some of the items will be up for sale
as i am reserving a table at Pratt's Spring Fest
april 6th.
so expect little stuffed animals
tshirts, and the popular jenkins magazine pages
all at reasonable prices.

have a fantastic spring break sailors!
and if you arent going on spring break
then start to plan that trip for the summer!!!


Paul Tsikitas said...

Enjoy Italia! I'm goin' back in June (and I can't wait.) Pics look good. Let me know when I can check it out sometime if you are putting it together for another exhibit.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that the trip in the summer you are referring to will be Charleston <3

those are some sweet pics. I heard that the chick who took them is hot.