Thursday, March 01, 2007

entry: 9442

weather: gloriously sunny and not frigid

the SS Chambs is kicking march off with a bang.
tonight is the senior show extravaganza
which promises cupcakes, dancing, and lots of cocktails.

The antarctic also gives us reasons to be happy.
an ice shift has opened up a whole bunch of new species!
among them is an octopus they are calling pareledone turqueti.

national geographic doesnt provide much info about her
but i'm sure she is fantastic.

speaking of cephalopods......
there has apparently been this
"colossal squid" that has been photographed

i have to say-
i've become so attached to the giant squid
that i dont know that i am prepared for something larger...
from the wording of this article it says the colossal is HEAVIER
than giant. and from the looks of it, it has a larger mantle.
i'm going to need more information on this creature.
my co-captain maintains that i just need to let this go
but the wording of the article just bothers me.
i should become a squid whisperer
and find out the truth for myself....

while i work on that be sure to enjoy the sunshine sailors!

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