Thursday, October 02, 2008


I am so excited that the season
of autumn decided to grace us
with her presence this year!

I went out to early to run errands
this morning and there was a crisp
breeze and leaves crunching under my shoes.

Another thing that I love about fall
are the pumpkins.

The bf and I were in whole foods the other day
and I saw a pumpkin display and yelled "pumpkins!!!"
a few seconds later, we hear a toddler yell out
"pumpkins!!!". I'm going to assume that he
wasn't mocking me and really enjoyed the
pumpkin display as much as I did.

As soon as we get settled in the new place
I am attacking the apartment with
halloween decorations.

I love halloween, my goal is to
have a REAL costume party.
none of this sexy costume crap,
I'm talking serious costumes.
Apple Cider.
Scary Movies.
and all things that halloween should be.

oh goodness, I almost forgot
my family's favorite halloween special.
Disney's Halloween Treat.
Here are some of my favorite clips.


kim* said...

thanks my 1 yr old nephew and i enjoyed those especially the skeleton dance :)

Paul Tsikitas said...

OMG! Disney's Halloween is far and away THE best Halloween treat ever. That and the Pete & Pete episode Halloweenies.