Thursday, October 23, 2008

goodness gracious

I am a huge advocate
of natural and organic foods.

I check the ingredients
of everything that I buy,
from cereal to cleaners, to shampoo.
In search of the product with the least
amount of ingredients (and chemicals).

After reading Death by Supermarket,
In Defense of Food, and general nutrition books,
I decided to cut out the high fructose corn syrup.

You can read about how it is made here
It is a very complicated process
which should be a red flag immediately.
Who wants to put a highly processed product
into their body?
"Not I" said the redhead.

Here's where my blood begins to boil.
Recently there have been commercials airing
supporting high fructose corn syrup.

What gets me is that they claim that
HFCS is ok in moderation.
That could be the case if HFCS wasn't
in 80% of the foods at the average supermarket.
I'd be willing to bet that all of their
snacks at that birthday party were processed
and loaded with HFCS.

Well OK maybe not all of their snacks,
but HFCS hide in places that you least expect.
Love sandwiches? check the ingredients on your bread-
believe it or not, it is a challenge to find
HFCS-free bread at the supermarket.
Are you a cereal fanatic? because even rice krispies
and special K have it.
(I was deeply saddened to find that rice krispies was tainted.)

I could probably go on forever about this.
So I will sum this up right now.

You wouldn't put HFCS in the
food you make in your own kitchen,
so why buy items that have it?
And if it is so safe, why do
the HFCS people feel the need to
create commercials to defend it.

sorry to rant, but I felt it was necessary.

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