Sunday, June 07, 2009

Lovely Day!

Today was the perfect reminder
of why I love being a New Yorker.

I had brunch with Rebecca and Anna,
and then we headed over to the Renegade craft fair!

For those who don't know, Renegade is like
the holy grail of craft fairs.
Awesome artists and crafty folks come
from all over to sell their stuff,
and it is all awesome.

So much good stuff it's hard to decide
what to buy!

Here are my treasures:
These prints are from
Berkley Illustrations.

The bf and I have long been obsessed with these-
I restrained myself from buying half of
their stock and just stuck to these two.

and this, this glorious print
is my greatest purchase ever.
Freddie will definitely be framed.
This was made by PrismPop.

I also managed to find a cheetahbunny necklace!
cheetahbunny is a nickname, and twitter name
haha. I tried to photograph it, but the light
in my living room was just not right
for jewelry photography.

Another awesome thing was meeting a blog buddy!
I had the pleasure of meeting Elise and her husband Justin
from Argyle Whale. I'm a big fan of her stuff, and a regular
reader of her blog so it was really nice to meet in person!

After the craft fair, my guy friends and I went over to
the waterfront park

to say Bon Voyage to our friend/co-worker, Patrick.
It was so nice to be on the waterfront
hanging out in the sun. Then we had dinner at
Roebling Tea Room, which was delicious as always.

It was a wonderful day.

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Anonymous said...

I purchased this Berkley print for Tammy's birthday:

she loved it!